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The best method of pile and pile pulling in steel sheet pile

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The general application conditions of steel sheet pile cofferdam are sand soil, clay, gravel soil, weathered rock and other hard river beds in deep water or deep foundation pit. The waterproof performance is good and the overall rigidity is strong. The general application conditions of reinforced concrete slab cofferdam are deep water or deep foundation pit, sand soil, clay soil and gravel soil bed with large flow velocity. In addition to water retaining and waterproof as a part of the basic structure, can be taken out of the turnaround use, can save a large number of wood. The applicable conditions of steel sleeve cofferdam is generally at a flow rate of less than 2.0m/s and the covering layer is thin, flat rock bed, buried deep water foundation, also can be used for the construction of pile foundation under the condition of. The suitable conditions for the double wall cofferdam are in the case of the deep water foundation of a large river and the thin and flat bed of the rock and river.

Steel sheet pile construction is a difficult thing, especially steel sheet pile insertion and control. This time, we would like to introduce some techniques for the entry and pulling of the steel sheet pile, and hope to help in the future construction.

(1) plugged pile

The steel sheet pile cofferdam should first be inserted into the first angle pile, then inserted in the clockwise (or counterclockwise) direction, and the next steel sheet pile is inserted from the previous inserted steel plate pile lock. The perpendicularity of the pile should be strictly controlled when the steel sheet pile is inserted, especially when the first one is controlled at the same time in two vertical directions to ensure that the vertical is unbiased. When one or several piles are inserted and stabilized, they are connected to the guide frame.

(2) pile pulling

Steel sheet pile pullout can be used to help, for example, using a hydraulic crawler to set up a puller. When the pile is put into the pile, it will be discharged to the vicinity of the drawing and pulling machine (within 10 meters). After pulling the pile up, What are the requirements for the height of the steel sheet pile it will be lifted to the pile driving line and the two assistant worker will play a good role.


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