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The characteristics and advantages of sheet pile


Sheet pile is a sheet pile that hits (vibrates) into the foundation to resist horizontal pressure and water pressure. Sheet pile is mainly used for cofferdam or seepage prevention in water conservancy projects.Commonly used board pile for wood pile and sheet pile. It is widely used in the field of architecture. This article mainly introduces the characteristics and characteristics of sheet pile.

Permanent Cold formed Metal Z Sheet Pile

The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Characteristics of sheet pile

  • Advantages of u-shaped sheet pile


Sheet pile is a type of steel with a lock, its section has straight plate shape, groove shape and Z shape, and there are various sizes and interlocking forms. Common larson type of sheet pile, lackawanna type of sheet pile. The advantages of sheet pile are: high strength, easy to drive into the hard soil;Can be in deep water construction, when necessary to add oblique support into a cage.Good waterproof performance;The cofferdam can be composed of various shapes as required and can be reused for many times. Therefore, it has a wide range of uses.

1. Characteristics of sheet pile:

(1) The specification of sheet pile is abundant.

(2) According to the design and production of European standard, sheet pile has symmetrical structure, which is conducive to repeated use and is equivalent to hot rolling in terms of repeated use.

(3) The length of sheet pile can be customized according to the customer's requirements, which brings great convenience for the construction and reduces the cost.

(4) Due to the convenient production, sheet pile and combination pile can be customized before delivery.

(5) Sheet pile production design and production cycle is short, sheet pile performance can be determined according to customer requirements.

(6) Sheet pile has a wide range of adaptability and creates different values for various buildings.

(7) The steel sheet pile has good corrosion resistance and heat resistance, and can well adapt to harsh environment.

(8) Sheet pile can be applied to the environment with high heat resistance requirements, and maintain the original shape, not easy to deformation;

(9) The manufacturing cost of sheet pile is low and the selling price is cheap on the market.


2. Advantages of u-shaped sheet pile:

(1) The section of sheet pile is large.The section length of u-shaped sheet pile is 1 meter, which is much higher than traditional sheet pile and ordinary precast pile.

(2) The sheet pile cross section has excellent mechanical performance.The u-shaped prestressed concrete sheet pile adopts the u-shaped structure section, which not only improves the soil retaining section, but also effectively improves the structure height, greatly increases the moment of inertia of the section, and greatly improves the bending and shear resistance.

(3) The economic benefits of sheet pile are obvious. U-shaped sheet pile adopts prestressed concrete structure, which greatly reduces the reinforcement ratio of sheet pile structure.The section structure is advanced and the section length of single pile is long. Compared with ordinary traditional sheet pile, the cost of sheet pile can be reduced by about 30%, which has good economic benefits.

(4) The types of sheet pile are complete.U-shaped sheet pile has a complete range of types. According to the mechanical performance requirements, different section heights, number and form of reinforcement can be adopted to meet the engineering needs and achieve the optimization of section structure and the maximization of economic benefits.

(5) The construction period of sheet pile is short. It adopts the factory precast mode and the construction on the site is mechanized, which greatly shortens the construction period compared with other construction forms such as block and stone masonry, on-site concrete wall pouring and bored pile.

(6) Sheet pile construction technology advanced, suitable for a wide range of geological, pile after the section beautiful. According to the site geological conditions, the static pressure, vibration, drilling pile and other construction technology, the use of pile row forming process, strict control of the construction quality, to ensure the combination of single piles, after forming the sheet pile wall not only good quality, but also because of the structure of the form of the section strewn at random, has a certain aesthetic value.

I hope this article is helpful for you to understand the characteristics and advantages of sheet pile. Our company has rich experience in the production of sheet pile. If you need sheet pile, please contact us.


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