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The difference of using performance between spiral steel pipe pile and straight seam steel pipe

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In the welding process, the welded steel pipe pile and pipe directly within the sequence of the spiral joint method, but the straight seam steel pipe must have a large number of T-weld, and therefore greatly improve the probability of the existence of welding defects , And T- Stress states tend to make welding residuals more difficult for metal welding, increasing the likelihood of cracking.
Spiral steel pipe piles and steel pipes are a kind of straight seam welded steel pipe piles, which are widely used in domestic manufacturing and construction, spiral pipe and as a result of different production processes, so there are many different pipes straight seam, Straight seam Pipe difference.
Straight seam steel pipe production process is relatively simple, the main production process is high frequency welding and straight seam steel pipe arc welded straight seam steel pipe, straight seam pipe high efficiency, low cost, rapid development.
When the industry uses T-welding technology krupnokalibernyy straight seam steel pipe, straight seam steel pipe short section, the required length of the project under the connection interface, straight seam steel pipe pile significantly improves the probability of T- welding defects, and T- Zvaryuvannya welding large joints Of the residual stress, the weld metal is often in the three-dimensional stress state, increasing the likelihood of crack occurrence.
Spiral steel pipe pile strength is generally higher than the straight seam steel pipe, the main production process for the spiral submerged arc welded pipe can be the same width of the blank production pipe diameter pipe can also use a narrow billet production of large diameter pipe. However, with the straight seam tube, 30 to 100% of the weld length, and reduced productivity of the same length for comparison. Therefore, most of the smaller diameter of welded pipe using straight seam welding, large diameter spiral welded pipe most.
In addition, in accordance with the provisions of the arc welding process, each weld should be in place and the arc extinguished, but each weld ring seam straight seam steel pipe piles, can not meet the conditions leading to extinction more welding defects opportunities. The pressure in the tube is typically borne on the wall, two major stresses, ie radial stress and axial strain will occur.
Some people ask, spiral pipe and straight seam steel pipe is the difference? What is good? General DN350 large diameter spiral steel pipe straight seam steel pipe, why not him? And so these questions are now suspect of resuming some of this knowledge, hoping To buyers and dealers have some help. Perhaps the summary is not comprehensive enough, but hope that most people make a better offer.
In particular, the helix and straight pipe welds refer to the shape of the weld. In general, the scope of application is not the same.
There are usually more than DN350, large diameter spiral steel pipe pile straight seam steel pipe pile, why not him? Now, we will explain the reasons.
As the weld of the spiral tube so that the pressure to bear the liquid will be distributed on each side of the tube to increase the strength of the tube.
If a straight seam steel pipe pile is used, the larger steel pipe pile is often welded to the steel plate pidkotyv only requires a large steel plate, greatly increasing the manufacturing complexity, it will use larger diameter coils.
Since it is good because the two are not the same range, it can not be said that it is better to say that everyone has their own advantages.


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