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The nine steps of sheet piles impact piling

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Piling in the steel  sheet piles construction in the way we have: vibration、static pressure、shock and so on. Today、the force on the steel industry to introduce the impact of pile、respectively、what are the steps?
sheet piles
1、first check whether the sheet piles meet the rest requirements
2、sheet piles to 1 to 2 bits of a treatment.
3、to strictly according to the environmental conditions of sheet piles construction pile selection machinery、and construction in accordance with technical requirements.
4、before the construction of the sheet piles needs to be fixed in the pile hammer on the bayonet、pull pile hammer through the lock into the adjacent sheet piles lock first hit 3 times empty hammer、and then hammer to make it fixed. And then check whether the verticality of the right to do pile handling.
5、I-shaped sheet piles cofferdam with the way to allow the wall with the vertical、smooth.
6、cofferdam bracket must be vertical and horizontal position fixed correctly.
7、in the corner of the two walls to have 10 pile axis adjustment、then close the two connections and do a good job waterproofing.
8、in the steel pile pile、check the verticality of sheet piles、found the problem corrected in time.
9、if found  sheet piles when the deflection of the guide frame to timely adjust the repair.


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