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The phenomenon of joint connection in the process of steel sheet pile construction

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Steel sheet pile can be used as retaining wall. The wall is composed of sheet pile (or channel steel), which is tied up or side-by-side. According to the length of Larsen steel sheet pile, the size of the retaining wall is decided. Before Wuxi Hengyong Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. has introduced the common problems in the construction of steel sheet pile and steel sheet pile and sand leakage in the original and rolls and relevant emergency measures and preventive measures, in fact, there is a situation that is not introduced to the steel sheet pile is even, the issue of performance is: a when the pile and the adjacent pile has scored with sinking. The main reason for this is that the steel sheet pile is inclined to bend to increase the resistance of the slot, and often makes the adjacent pile super deep.

In general, the prevention and control measures taken by the steel sheet pile are as follows:

1、to correct the slant of the sheet pile in time.

2、the pile which has been connected is temporarily fixed with one or a few of the other piles that have been made by using angle steel welding.

Of course, in order to avoid these situations, Knowledge Analysis of Steel Sheet Pile Cofferdam delays in construction time can be prevented as early as possible, and the safety of every step should be carefully examined.

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