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The preparation method of combi wall


Combi wall is widely used in various fields with huge market demand. This article will introduce the preparation method of combi wall to you.

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The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Preparation method of combi wall

  • Combi wall production requirements

  • Combi wall uses categories


1. Preparation method of combi wall:

Combi wall uses ordinary portland cement, sand, fly ash or other industrial wastes such as water slag and furnace slag as fine aggregate, then adds polystyrene particles and a small amount of inorganic chemical additives, and cooperates with the full-automatic high-efficiency forced light aggregate special mixing system. During the mixing process, air is introduced into the core layer to form honeycomb like stable pores to further reduce the bulk density of the product, which reduces the material formation The utility model can achieve the ideal heat preservation and sound insulation effect. Polyphenylene particles and pores are evenly distributed in the combi wall, which makes the concrete form a circular honeycomb skeleton, thus supporting each other and increasing the compressive capacity. The addition of fly ash not only improves the workability of the concrete slurry, but also the strength of the cement in the later period, so as to enhance the strength of the product after maintenance. The flexural strength increases by 80% and the modulus of rupture increases by more than 50%. The use of fly ash also enjoys a series of preferential policies, such as national energy saving and emission reduction tax preferential policies, tax exemption for several years, etc


2. Combi wall production requirements:

The engineering design unit or building contractor shall provide the combi wall installation enterprise with the wall layout plan and relevant technical indicators in the construction drawing in advance, including the following contents:

(1) Description combi wall type and axis distribution are used, as well as combi wall thickness requirements, door and window distribution position and hole size, pipeline distribution position and slot size;

(2) Make clear the functional requirements of combi wall, whether there is water resistance, heavy objects and measures to be taken;

(3) Fire protection and sound insulation indexes of combi wall;

(4) Make clear the requirements of anti-impact and anti-seismic functions of combi wall.

(5) In order to ensure engineering quality, engineering design units are required to put forward basic index requirements for combi wall's building function and use function, so as to achieve the best performance index of combi wall.

(6) The wall of a building's internal space. Combi wall load-bearing, general requirements of light, thin, has a good sound insulation performance. There are different requirements for combi wall in different functional rooms. For example, combi wall in kitchen should have fire-resistant performance. The combi wall of the toilet shall be able to resist moisture.


3. Combi wall uses categories

1) Combi wall is suitable for sub-room sound insulation with higher requirements on projects such as hotels, KTV, schools, hospitals, etc.

2) Combi wall is applicable to the projects with limited requirements on construction, such as shopping mall combi wall and second renovation combi wall.

3) Combi wall is suitable for the items that have requirements on reducing wall load: super high wall, light steel house, steel structure, prefabricated house.

4) Combi wall is suitable for fire protection projects with special requirements such as pipe well, firewall and large kitchen.

5) Combi wall is suitable for projects with requirements on construction schedule.

6) Combi wall is suitable for moisture-proof and waterproof projects with special requirements: bathroom, toilet, kitchen, outdoor and other projects.

7) Combi wall is suitable for the items with requirements for nail hanging and adhesion:equipment, home decoration, internal and external walls and other types of conventional combi wall.


The constant influx of users is a testament to the popularity of the combi wall market. For the Chinese market, we are waiting to see. Proactive policy support, huge domestic market potential, rich resources and labor talent resources, sufficient private capital, as well as structural industrial opportunities brought by technological progress, will bring great business opportunities for China's combi wall industry. If you need combi wall, please contact us.


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