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The rainy season struck the construction of Larsen pile rainy season

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After entering the summer, the stormy weather is more, sometimes the stormy weather to the special violent, these bad weather will seriously affect the outdoor construction, especially infrastructure projects. But if the use of Larsen steel sheet pile is the construction of infrastructure projects, relatively speaking, will reduce the impact to a very small, then we have to analyze the next Larsen pile in the rainy season construction advantages.

1, the use of Larsen pile construction efficiency is very fast, can be very effective in shortening the construction period.

2, Larsen pile has a strong ability to adapt, if the Larsen steel sheet pile with the length of the cross and the foundation can be changed at any time.

3, because the Larsen pile wall weight is very light, in the rainy season design is very favorable.

4, the use of Larsen pile can be a simple construction, do not need large-scale construction equipment for maintenance.

    The use of Larsen pile is very extensive, in the permanent structure of the building, can be used for terminals, unloading yards, embankment protection, retaining walls, retaining walls, breakwaters, dikes, docks,

    Larsen pile in the temporary structure, can be used for closure, temporary expansion, breaking, bridge steel cofferdam, large-scale pipeline laying temporary ditch excavation of the retaining, retaining, sand and so on;

    Larsen pile in the flood fighting and rescue, can be used for flood control, anti-collapse, anti-quicksand and so on. Products are widely used in subway stations, tunnels, bridge cofferdam, bank, municipal engineering, civil engineering deep foundation pit, trench, pipe, basement and other retaining, retaining the excavation, in the project play an important role.

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