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The relationship between the steel sheet pile cofferdam and the Larsen steel sheet pile cofferdam

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No matter what kind of object in the industry, there is always a sort of seniority, then why is there a Larson steel sheet pile in the field of steel sheet pile? On the whole, the steel sheet pile is a common name, which includes various types, i.e. Larson steel sheet pile is a member of the big family of steel sheet pile, steel sheet pile is provided with a lock plate material, divided into two kinds of hot and cold, from the type of speaking can be divided into U type plate Z pile, steel sheet pile and a steel sheet pile and so on.

Steel sheet pile cofferdam has many advantages. It is not only green and environmental friendly, but also has fast construction speed and low construction cost, and it has good waterproof effect. Larson steel sheet pile is a new type of building materials, a wide range of application in modern engineering construction, a lot of Larson steel sheet pile construction is carried out, so in the soft soil area, considering the seismic problems, plus some architectural design structure, function and so on, it is necessary to deep foundation pit excavation. Larsen steel sheet piles are mainly used for laying large cofferdams, temporary trenches, retaining water and retaining sand, etc., which can also act as retaining walls, retaining walls and embankment Revetments for wharfs and unloading grounds, etc. Larsen steel sheet piles play a great role in these projects. In general, the application range of cold bending steel sheet pile is narrow in the construction of the project, which is usually used as a supplementary material. For the cold bending steel sheet pile, the most economical and reasonable interface can be selected according to the actual situation, so as to realize the best design of the engineering design.

In the civil engineering construction process, the use of cold-formed steel sheet pile construction equipment does not need to be too large, and has the advantages of convenient construction, fast progress, at the same time for the seismic design are very good, also according to the specific construction situation is different, also can change the shape of the cross section of cold-formed steel sheet pile and the length of the design the structure becomes more reasonable. Besides, the quality coefficient of cold-formed steel sheet pile will also be improved obviously after the optimized design of section, which can reduce the weight of pile wall width per meter, and reduce the cost and cost of engineering greatly.

In the current project construction, the hot rolled steel sheet pile is the dominant position in the steel sheet pile market. As far as the production process is concerned, the steel sheet pile products can be divided into two kinds: cold formed thin-walled steel sheet pile and hot rolled steel sheet pile.

According to the relevant data show that the current situation, the steel sheet pile China's annual consumption has been maintained at around thirty thousand tons, accounted for only 1% of the world, for the use of steel sheet pile is limited in some ports, shipyards and other permanent engineering and Bridge cofferdam and foundation pit etc. a temporary project, therefore, from the consumption and market in our country, Skill Analysis of Steel Sheet Pile for Steel Sheet Pile Support there is still much room for development of steel sheet pile.


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