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The use of sheet piling in the process of what benefits

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Metal-made wood or cast iron and the quality of other materials produced by the quality of the paper, and then seems to be useful for batch processing of simple pages of material. At the beginning of the 20th century, with the rolling development of rolling Technology, to find people in the winding production of low-cost sheet piling, the quality of commitment and good management process can be used repeatedly to explore this concept, the first global birth quality steel plate Hot rolling.
sheet piling
The basic structure of the   sheet piling: First, the sheet piling, and the second line of the structure on both sides of the wall with one third of the country. Due to its special structure, the unique benefits: good strength, light Weight, and the seams; durability, 20 years of service - 50 years, in March and 3-5 times; many impacts in the built environment can be Significantly reduce the amount of land and the specific use of resources to protect the productive work On the land half of the power, especially in the prevention of floods, speed, collapse, help to make the most efficient fast; easy to short the duration of the province. In addition, the sheet piling can handle the excavation process and a Complete series of problems; the use of sheet piling can provide the necessary safety, and (disaster relief) early strength to reduce space requirements, regardless of weather conditions; Pile encasing can be a complex process of simple optical system resources or its adaptability, Good interchangeability.
There are so many unique features and advantages, the use of the most comprehensive range of metal sheet pile, permanent buildings, such as buildings, can be used to load and unload the embankment protection shore, fence, wall, breakwater, diversion dike, cattle Doors, etc .; in short, the structure can be used to close a small load, no bridge cofferdam, a number of temporary pipe protection excavation of the river, adhere to the walls and sand; can use the channel flood control, anti- Corrosion, anti-collapse.


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