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Three measures to prevent the failure of the spiral pile driver


Design and manufacturing levels, of course, proper use and maintenance time can reduce failures, and the environment and maintenance used directly affects the incidence of life and failure of the screw pile driver, and can not completely avoid failure, in order to timely and effective troubleshooting sheet pile manufacturers, reduce downtime Time, the driver of the pile driver is best able to master the basic maintenance methods. Today, we will introduce several quick and cost-effective repair methods.

First of all, in the alternative part of the pile driver, uneven wear will occur for a long time, proper replacement can achieve uniform wear, and also extend the service life of the parts. The normal work of the machine depends on the close cooperation between each part. In order to complete the construction process, the screw pile driver bears different unidirectional loading, so not all wear parts are replaced, as long as the replacement less emphasis can play a role, saving parts cost and saving time for purchasing parts.

Secondly, the method of brush plating and bonding repair is simply to use the brush-bonding bonding repair process to build the pile driver at the construction site and quickly repair the invalid parts. With the continuous improvement of pile driver maintenance technology, more commonly used maintenance methods such as magnetic plating, laser plating, etc., can be rationally utilized and timely repaired according to actual conditions.

Prevention is more important than management, and the reasons for taking preventive measures are clear. Introduced the three taboos of the pile driver. If it is possible to carry out maintenance, the operating procedures of the screw pile driver must be strictly observed. If the problem is found to be stopped, it is not allowed to contact the professional maintenance personnel for regular inspection and maintenance. Check the habit of the pile driver after cleaning every day.


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