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Types and Advantages and Disadvantages of Steel Sheet Pile Driver

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Lingsen steel sheet pile in China more and more practical, so driven steel pile pile driver development, then we come to the following popular steel pile pile pile knowledge. Piling machine is the use of impact force will pile into the formation of pile of machinery . The main types of piling machine are hammer piling machine, hammer piling machine, diesel hammer piling machine, hydraulic vibration hammer piling machine and other four categories, the following we come to a detailed description of the type of steel pile pile driver introduction and , Shortcomings analysis:

1、hammer piling machine, pile hammer is a steel weight, by the hoist with a hook to lift, decoupling along the guide frame free fall and piling.

Advantages and shortcomings Analysis: drop hammer type piling machine suitable for playing a variety of piles, simple structure, easy to use, the impact of large, free to adjust the pitch, the deficit is slow hammer speed, low efficiency.

2、steam hammer piling machine, pile hammer by the hammer and hammer seat composition to steam or compressed air as the driving force, a steam hammer and double dynamic steam hammer two

Single-hammer to the plunger or cylinder as a hammer, steam-driven hammer up, and then let it along the hammer seat guide piles and piling.

Lt; / RTI & gt; When the pile into the formation of vibration, can reduce the friction resistance, piling effect. Two-way differential force hammer, the hammer weight is light, the effective impact of the weight can be impact increased, better performance.

The change of the steam hammer into the steam valve can be controlled, but also by the hammer side and with the hammer up and down the flange control lever automatic control, two ways can adjust the impact of the hammer stroke.

Advantages and shortcomings Analysis: single pneumatic hammer type is also suitable for playing a variety of piles, simple structure, short distance, equipment and pile head is not easy to break, piling speed and impact than the hammer, high efficiency. Hort type, suitable for playing a variety of piles, easy to slant pile; use of compressed air, can under underwater piling; the impact of many times, the impact of large, high efficiency, piling without piling, but the equipment bulky, moving More difficult

3、diesel hammer piling machine, the main body is composed of cylinder and plunger, and its working principle and single-cylinder two-stroke diesel engine similar to the use of injection into the cylinder combustion chamber of the atomized diesel fuel by high pressure After the explosion caused by a strong pressure Head work.

Diesel hammer by its structure in the form of sub-rod and cylinder.

Guide rod diesel hammer to the plunger for the hammer pressure on the pile cap, the cylinder for the hammer along the two guide rod movements. Pile, the pile hanging in the pile of gantry in place, then the diesel hammer resting on the pile, Lowering the hook to lift the cylinder, and disengage the hook into the cylinder into the plunger, will be closed in the cylinder Of the air to compress, the cylinder continues to fall until the cylinder outside the pressure pin to push the hammer seat on the Fuel pump rock will be mist sprayed into the tank, the oil mist encountered more than the ignition temperature of the gas, before the occurrence of explosive, explosive force down the impact of the pile sink, push up the top, so That the cylinder to rise, until the cylinder re-along the guide rod fall, they began a second impact cycle.

Cairinder diesel hammer with a cylinder as a hammer seat, and directly with the extension of the cylinder wall guide, eliminating the need for two guide rod, the plunger is a hammer, can move up and down in the cylinder. Pile, the hammer seat Under the pile cap on the top of the pile, with a hook to lift the plunger, and then decoupling down the impact of compression in the cylinder closed air. And carry out fuel injection, outbreak, shock, ventilation and other work processes.

The work of the diesel hammer is started by pressing the diesel fuel. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the enclosed gas in the cylind reaches a sure compression ratio. Sometimes, when the pile is piled on the soft soil strata, the reaction force Is too small and the amount of compression can not be ignited Detonation, you need to use the hook several times to lift the hammer decoupling impact, to start. Diesel hammer hammer seat with fuel injection pump, fuel tank, The clearance between.


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