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Use Larsen sheet piling What are the advantages

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Current Larsen sheet piling China's major construction projects for a number of important ports, terminals, shipyards building, the construction of why to choose Larsen sheet piling? Use Larsen sheet piling What are the advantages.
Shun force today Xiaobian and we talk about the eight major advantage Larsen sheet piles:
Larsen sheet piles Advantages
1、first of all, many people choose it because of its durability and long life, and simple construction time is short;
2、in some flood rescue in high efficiency, such as landslides, quicksand can be used;
3、because of its construction process reduces the amount of concrete and a lot of earth, there are significant environmental function, but also protection of land resources;
4、in construction can greatly reduce the space requirements of the conditions;
5、Larsen sheet piling strength and good sealing;
6、the construction is not affected by weather conditions;
7、simple system checks the complexity of the material;
8、sheet piles can be reused more than 50 times, good exchange performance, low operating costs.
After reading these friends who are not on merit Larsen sheet piling more understanding of it. Currently Larsen pile into two types of hot-rolled and cold-formed, cold-formed sheet piling because of the low price, more and more suitable for environmental protection. So in recent years, some large international companies began to open a separate production line of cold-formed sheet piling, in order to better respond to future market.
Shunli steel industry after two decades of development, the formation of more than two thousand full range of product specifications:
U-shaped cold-formed sheet piling, Z-type sheet piling Larsen, wide hat cold-formed sheet piling, wave-shaped sheet pilings, H-shaped sheet pilings, steel pipe piles, hot-rolled and cold-formed locking connector, etc., each face kinds of engineering and customer can provide the best cost-effective SL series.


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