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Use steps for pipe piles


Pipe pile is widely used in the construction field. The construction method of pipe pile is divided into two categories: precast pipe pile and perfusion pipe pile. This article mainly introduces the use steps for pipe piles.

Combined Pipes

The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Drilling location of pipe pile

  • Pipe pile embedding guard

  • Pipe-pile drill in place

  • Punching construction of pipe pile

  • Pipe pile hole cleaning

  • Steel cage for hoisting of pipe pile

  • Placement of pipe pile conduit

  • Secondary hole cleaning pipe pile

  • Pouring pipe pile concrete

  • Survey and inspection of pipe pile

(1) Drilling location of pipe pile: 

In the construction process, the method of joint survey and retargeting is adopted to control the position of pipe pile.Measurement given hole center, wooden nail a center, at the top of the pile hammer a nail to determine the hole center, then press "cross" method to return four points around the nail "ride", and recording the pipe pile and the center distance, after the center pile cut at the four points measuring hole center, to ensure that the pipe pile hole location accurate.


(2) Pipe pile embedding guard:

Punch - in - place pipe pile retaining tube is usually steel retaining tube, some of which are reinforced concrete structure.


(3) Pipe-pile drill in place:

The drilling rig in place is flat, stable, alignment and positive, etc., the plumb crane in alignment, level, the drilling rig foundation is stable. The percussion drill should be aligned with the center of the pipe pile guard barrel in place, and the deviation should be no more than ±20mm. After the drill is in place, the pipe pile hole position should be re-measured, and the construction can be carried out only after the re-measured and qualified.


(4) Punching construction of pipe pile:

Opening should be low when hammer mill, hammer high 0.4 ~ 0.6 m, and timely rocks or clay slurry supporting, make pore wall extrusion is close-grained, until the liners under the hole as deep as 3 ~ 4 m, to speed up, increase stroke, and to increase the hammer to 1.5 ~ 2 m above, turn into normal continuous impact, should timely when pore will hole residue discharge hole, in order to avoid too many hole residue, the appearance of the hole. Two acceptance checks should be carried out in the process of tubular pipe pile driving, namely the acceptance of the rock depth and the acceptance of the rock depth respectively.  According to the data of geological report and the actual construction data of the rock punching machine, the consistency of rock samples should be analyzed.


(5) Pipe pile hole cleaning:

The mud in the pipe pile hole can be cleaned to ensure that the mud performance indexes in the hole meet the requirements: viscosity less than 28 seconds, specific gravity less than 1.25Kg/L, sand content ≤8%, bottom sediment ≤50mm.The method of clearing hole: pumping method, changing method, dregs.


(6) Steel cage for hoisting of pipe pile:

Steel cage whole hoisting.When the steel cage is too long can be carried out piecewise hoisting, need to be welded, you can first hang the lower section in the hole, lift the second section for welding, and then put down. The outer part of the frame shall be bound with a cement pad or welded with a certain number of reinforced rings on the main bar of the steel cage to determine the protective layer. When the pipe pile is hoisted, it should be placed vertically to prevent the end of the steel cage from touching the hole wall and causing the earth block to collapse to the hole.If the steel cage below the mud surface, should be in the top of the steel cage welding markers, exposed mud surface, in order to determine whether the steel cage in the end.The correct position is vertical after the pipe pile is hoisted in, do not distort.


(7) Placement of pipe pile conduit:

The catheter is connected with flange and sealed with "O" ring to prevent water leakage. When the hole cleaning is completed, the pipe pile catheter should be lifted immediately. The catheter should be divided into several sections in advance and placed in order for hoisting. The catheter should be straight and vertical, and should not be bent, so as not to interfere with the fall of the baffle. When placing the catheter, first make the catheter contact with the bottom of the hole, and the concrete pouring premise is 30cm above the bottom of the hole.


(8) Secondary hole cleaning pipe pile:

After the completion of the pipe pile catheter, it is necessary to carry out the second hole cleaning. Now, the mud is diluted to a density of about 1.1g/cm3. After the second hole cleaning, the thickness of the sediment must be measured.


(9) Pouring pipe pile concrete:

The conduit method of pouring underwater concrete: the sealed steel tube is used as the channel of underwater concrete. The bottom of the tube is buried in the concrete mixture at an appropriate depth. Under the action of certain drop pressure, a continuous dense concrete pipe pile is formed.


(10) Survey and inspection of pipe pile:

When the concrete surface is filled to a predetermined height, it can be checked by measuring rope.

1) it is necessary to ensure that the measuring rope of pipe pile is accurate. Due to the long use time or other reasons, the number of rulers on the measuring rope may be fuzzy or slide, which will affect the measuring accuracy.

2) the measuring hammer of pipe pile must be heavy and its volume should not be too large, otherwise it will float on the mud surface and affect the measuring accuracy of pipe pile.

3) when the pipe pile is measured, if the mud is thicker, the measuring rope must be shaken up and down to make the measuring hammer move down by its own weight and touch the real concrete surface.

I hope this article is helpful for you to understand the construction steps of pipe pile. If you need pipe pile, please contact us.


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