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Using grading process and spiral steel pipe piles

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There are spiral pipe pile welded double welded pipe, it is necessary to ensure that the hydrostatic test, the tensile strength of the weld to meet the molding performance requirements.
Conforming to the standard spiral welded pipe can have many kinds of types, each kind has a series of local application and main application application. Here, let us look at the specific understanding we introduce through the supplier manager.
pipe pile
Different steel, have different characteristics, spiral welded pipe is also, have some of their own characteristics. Simple manufacturing process is the high production efficiency, low cost, rapid development of submerged arc welded pipe with the pressure of the screw is mainly oil, natural gas pipeline, high pressure steel, used to transport plastic, and easy welding molding, generally low pressure liquid delivery Spiral Submerged Arc Welded Steel Pipes are legal systems for low pressure fluid, gas air and steam conveying SAW pipes for automatic double submerged arc welding and welding water.
Spiral steel pipe pile, whether the manufacturing process is welded 21 China's development priorities are as follows?
(1) of the material, wire, flux. Before placing, we need to carry out rigorous physical and chemical tests.
(2) The use of electrical contact pressure gauge control the side of the conveyor pressure cylinder to ensure a smooth supply of steel strip.
(3) is formed using an internal or external control roll.
(4) In order to ensure that the welding gap to meet the welding requirements, the use of welding gap control device, the diameter and the back surface of the weld to strictly control.
(5) automatic underwater steel head and tail docking in the rolling of steel by arc welding, single or double-wire submerged arc welding. The front is clean
(6) Conveyor, I curl the process, smooth cutting, pruning, planing, forming the surface after the bar.
(7) welding and welding to obtain stable welding specifications, has been used in the United States Lincoln welding single or double wire submerged arc welding.
(8) In order to ensure 100% coverage of nondestructive testing of spiral steel pipe pile welds, continuous ultrasonic damage is checked on the welded end of the wire. Defective If spraying with automatic alarms and labels, the production worker adjusts the process parameters and eliminates defects.
(9) the use of air plasma cutting machine, can cut a single tube.
(10) Band-shaped butt-welding, all tubes pass inspection, spiral welding small joints intersect. Each pipe is sealed radially after hydrostatic test pressure
(11) test pressure and time by the microcomputer detection device of steel pipe pressure will be strictly controlled. Test parameters, recording will automatically print.
(12) steel pipe Each batch of strict inspection system, weld inspection of the mechanical properties of chemical composition, the molten state must be steel pipe surface quality, as well as the modified spiral pipe pile pipe technology before NDT inspection can be put into formal production to ensure.
After a destructive test, if the defect occurs again, the continuous ultrasonic inspection until the confirmation of the defect is resolved
(13) Welded markers for manual ultrasound and X-ray examination of the site.
(14) pipe end processing, can accurately control the end of the vertical, steel pipe pile cofferdam price oblique angle and blunt edge.

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