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Water and earth pressure of embedded steel sheet pile retaining wall

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The foundation of embedded steel sheet pile retaining wall is soil analysis and soil mechanics parameters. Soil will not only destroy the stability of the wall to destroy the earth pressure, but also the ability to stabilize the wall, so the retaining wall design, the first is the importance of understanding the soil.
Steel sheet pile retaining wall
       If you have a basic understanding of soil mechanics, then the following content is a review of retaining wall design principles. The soil parameters used in the design process should be obtained through on-site survey as far as possible. The cold-formed steel sheet pile has given some guiding parameters for preliminary calculation.
       The amount of data required for a retaining wall design and its complexity depends, to some extent, on the calculation method chosen. If the limit equilibrium method is adopted, only relatively simple soil parameters can be used to obtain satisfactory results. If the finite element method is used, the input data need to be able to describe the characteristics of the soil in detail. Detailed soil parameters imply higher exploration costs; however, customers are often not prepared to invest too much money at this stage. In many cases,  steel sheet pile avoiding the wrong economic behavior and carrying out a more accurate analysis can increase the cost to recover.


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