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Waterproof Method of Lassen Steel Sheet Piles


thth7879For many underwater cofferdam projects and bridge projects, the leak-proof and anti-seepage method is particularly important, so how do Lassen steel sheet piles prevent leakage and seepage?


First of all, it is useful to prevent the leakage and seepage prevention by inserting a lot of slats, cotton wadding and hemp material into the sheet pile before pumping. A similar method is to place some coal ash mixing sawdust material in the outside of the slat of the steel sheet pile. Of course, the sawdust can also be inserted directly into the seam.


Secondly, if there is a water leak in the lock when the foundation pit is pumped, the fiber-filled cotton wool should be used to fill the leak.


Thirdly, in each process of making steel sheet piles, the positioning and guiding work should be done well, and the two-way straightness of the steel sheet piles should be strictly controlled to ensure an excellent bite between each steel sheet pile. In this way, the whole wall will be straight.


Finally, it is usually useful to prevent water seepage by using cofferdam. Sawdust, fly ash, expanded cement and other materials can be used as an auxiliary method for stopping water as well. They should be used timely when necessary.


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