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Watertightness and Sealing of steel sheet piles

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The steel sheet piles saw-tooth wall is the AZ steel sheet piles connection which is different direction.
This arrangement provides a very broad cross-section of cold-formed steel sheet-pile walls, which are the best choice for structures with watertightness and sealing costs as the primary criteria (eg, sewage fencing). Sectional Characteristics of AZ - type Zigzag Wall.
The steel sheet piles saw-tooth wall can also be made up of paired U-shaped steel sheet piles by means of "18 connecting pieces. The angle between the adjacent pairs of steel sheet piless is: the moment of inertia and cross- In addition, must ensure that the cross-section crimping or welding together to ensure that the shear through the neutral axis of the lock transmission.If the design of the connection to consider the role, then W Qiong Must also be welded together with steel sheet piles. Common U-shaped zigzag wall section and cross-section characteristics.


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