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What are HZ combi-walls?


The HZ combi-walls system, also known as the HZM king pile, has two different structural functions: a retaining member for soil and hydrostatic pressure and a load-bearing pile for vertical loads. The interlocking device is welded to the H-shaped king pile to connect the H-shaped king pile to the sheet pile.


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The necessity of using HZ combi-walls

What are the structural characteristics of HZ combi-walls?

What are the advantages of installing HZ combi-walls?


The necessity of using HZ combi-walls

Currently, HZ combi-walls are very common in urban construction, roads, bridges, high-speed rail and other fields. This requires that a protective wall be built before digging a deep pit to ensure the safety of construction personnel and equipment in the deep pit. Currently, commonly used supplies include cement supplies and steel supplies, and steel supplies can be reused and are easy to install.


The sheet piles in the HZ combi-walls are usually shorter than the combined H king piles. In addition to the normal bending load, the king's pile is designed to bear larger vertical loads. Because of its higher bending resistance and rigidity, it is widely used in port construction and deep foundations. In addition, the outstanding feature of the HZ combi-wallsl system is the wide range of possible combinations. It can be designed according to customer requirements.

Therefore, most of the projects currently use H-shaped steel plate reinforcing materials, but the traditional H-shaped steel plate reinforcing materials have the problems of large amount and low strength, which cannot meet the needs of deep foundation pit construction. Therefore, it is necessary to design a new composite wall system to meet engineering needs.

HZ combi-walls 

What are the structural characteristics of HZ combi-walls?

For example, the HZ combi-walls system used for deep pit foundation engineering is characterized in that it is surrounded by double-web H-shaped steel plates and U-shaped steel plates. The end plate consists of two parallel webs.

Both sides of the end plate are connected with inwardly bent fasteners, and the U-shaped steel plate is composed of two Z-shaped steel plates with a Z-shaped cross section. After assembly, the unfastened sides of the two Z-shaped steel plates are respectively fastened and connected with the fasteners on the adjacent double-web H-shaped steel plates.


What are the advantages of installing HZ combi-walls?

1. The HZ combi-wall is composed of H piles and Z double piles, which will provide high section performance in marine projects that require long piles, especially shipyards, ports and port construction projects.

2. H-piles include welded H-shaped steel and straight-web sheet piles welded on top. The size of our welded H-beam is available for your choice. The straight net posts look like H-shaped hats, forming an interlocking system.

3. HZ combi-walls can be divided into the following forms:

Double H pile, H pile is connected with Hh pile through interlocking system.

H pile and double Z pile.

Double H pile and double Z pile.

4. The Z sheet pile can be replaced with U pile and Ω pile according to the buyer's requirements.


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