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What are pipe piles used for?


Pipe piles by steel tube, tongue-and-groove tongue-and-groove mortise and tenon pin, tube diameter on the left side wall of the vertical tongue-and-groove connection slot, tongue-and-groove slot cross section for the open side of the square shape, in strengthening ribs on the side of the tongue-and-groove slot, steel pipe diameter on the right side of the wall and the partial radius position of the vertical connection have tongue-and-groove pin, tongue-and-groove pin groove profile for i-section. This article is about the use of pipe piles.

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The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Pipe piles features

  • Usage of pipe piles

  • Projects pipe piles are involved in


1. Pipe piles features

Pipe piles has simple production process, high production efficiency, low cost and rapid development. Pipe piles are generally stronger than straight welded pipes, and they can be used to produce pipe piles with larger diameters with narrower blanks, or to produce pipe piles with different diameters with blanks of the same width. However, compared with the straight seam pipe piles of the same length, the weld pipe piles length increases by 30~100%, and the production speed is lower.


2. Usage of pipe piles

Pipe piles are widely used in the chemical industry, power industry, agricultural irrigation, water engineering, petrochemical industry and urban construction.

Pipe piles uses for water and drainage. For gas transport: gas, steam, liquefaction. Pipe piles are one of 20 key products developed in China.

Structure uses of pipe piles: a pipe pile for piling and a bridge; Dock, road, building structure with a wide range of uses such as pipe piles.

When used in cofferdams, pipe piles overlap each other in a curved or circular shape. Pipe piles can play the role of water, soil, sand and so on.  Pipe piles have the advantages of novel design, simple structure, convenient use, easy overlap and good sealing.It includes non-circular cross section profile, equal wall thickness, variable wall thickness, variable diameter and wall thickness along the length direction, symmetrical and asymmetric cross sections, etc.Such as square, rectangle, cone, trapezoid, spiral tube, etc.

Pipe piles are used as a foundation for the construction of docks and harbors. Their diameter ranges from 600mm to 2000mm, with the most common being 1800mm. The company has a stake in many of the country's biggest engineering projects.I heard from my friend that the processing capacity is quite large, which should exceed 100,000 tons a year. Currently, there are 2 factories of about 120,000 square meters, and we are planning to build a bigger factory with an area of 400,000 square meters. The business scope of the pipe piles has been in the domestic coastal almost all the seaport cities, also including Africa, Oceania and other foreign places.

Pipe piles can better adapt to the special use conditions, save metal and improve the productivity of parts manufacturing.It is widely used in aviation, automobile, shipbuilding, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, construction, textile and boiler manufacturing. Pipe piles are produced by cold drawing, welding, extrusion and hot rolling, among which cold drawing is widely used.


3. Projects pipe piles are involved in

Caofeidian first phase of 30 ton crude oil wharf, 30 ton caofeidian crude oil terminal phase ii, 30 ton crude oil wharf phase iii project, caofeidian ore terminal BaYuJuan yingkou port and jinzhou port and tianjin port, tianjin port nanjiang general bulk cargo wharf steel pipe pile splice site, tianjin east pier wharf, BaYuJuan 51-53 container berth project, three periods of shenhua coal terminal in tianjin port, tianjin port container terminal of engineering are applied to pipe piles.

I hope this article is helpful for you to know about  pipe piles. Our company specializes in producing all kinds of  pipe piles. If you need  pipe piles, please contact us.


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