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What are the applications of steel sheet piles in metro?

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The demand for iron and steel in our country is growing, now according to China's economic and social development needs and resources, energy and environmental protection, iron and steel production capacity to maintain a reasonable scale, the specific size can be solved in the planning. The comprehensive competitive ability of iron and steel has reached the international advanced level, which has made China a big country in the world's steel production and a competitive power. Nowadays, with the demand for transportation, every city in China has built the subway. In the process of subway construction, steel sheet pile is an indispensable construction material.

The steel sheet pile has the advantages of high strength, close connection between the pile and the pile, good water isolation effect, and repeated use. The commonly used section types of steel sheet piles are U or Z. The U steel sheet pile is widely used in the construction of underground railway in China. The method of sinking and pulling and the machinery used are the same as that of the I-beam steel, but the method can be divided into single layer steel sheet pile cofferdam, double deck steel pile cofferdam and screen etc.. Due to the deep foundation pit in the construction of underground railway, in order to ensure its verticality and convenient construction, and make it closed and closed, the screen structure is often used.

The steel sheet pile retaining wall consists of Larson steel sheet pile (or channel steel), which is buckled or folded side by side. Larson steel sheet pile length 12M, 15m, 18m, etc., channel steel sheet pile (non-standard) pile length 6 ~ 9m, type and length determined by calculation. Steel sheet pile has good durability, the construction of foundation pit backfill can be completed after the steel sheet pile pulling for reuse; convenient construction, short construction period; steel sheet pile retaining water cannot, in areas of high ground water level to water or precipitation measures; the flexural capacity of steel plate pile is weak, for more depth than 4m pit or groove, the top should set a support or anchor; support stiffness is small, after the excavation of large deformation; Construction steps of Lensen steel sheet pile leasing Larson steel sheet pile as the anti bending ability for foundation pit surrounding environment is not very high requirements of deep 5m~8m, visual support (anchor) additional circumstances.



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