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What are the benefits of water-resistant steel sheet piles?

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Modern water works more and more use to the Larsen steel sheet pile cofferdam, in the cofferdam construction process, some people may be surprised to find the steel sheet pile after the water, actually had an expansion, then what is the matter What?

Here we come to explain it, in fact, water-resistant steel sheet pile water swelling is due to the production of steel sheet pile caused by raw materials, mainly in its role in rubber. The rubber will be inflated with water, which can fill the irregular surface, holes and gaps in the joint, and produce a huge contact pressure to prevent leakage. Therefore, it is a good thing to stop the water. We will come back to tell us what the benefits of waterlogging plate pile water swelling?

Qualified water-stop steel sheet pile is the use of high-quality natural rubber and a variety of synthetic rubber, mixed with a variety of agents and fillers, the plastic, mixing, curing, molding and made of a steel water stop products. High elasticity of the rubber can make the steel sheet pile under pressure to produce a slight elastic deformation, and will not be due to excessive force and fracture, on the other hand also play a solid seal effect, effectively prevent the building structure of the water, Play a cushioning effect.

Because in many large-scale engineering design, civil engineering, soil and water structure between the requirements of the material used to have a certain degree of flexibility, and the use of water-resistant steel sheet pile production of rubber materials is also taken into account this point, and slightly Of the elastic deformation in the building structure joints play a leak-proof, anti-seepage effect, but also has a corrosion-resistant, durable characteristics.

Especially when the seams appear small offset, the rubber can also be water swelling to stop the water. Therefore, people also like to use rubber as a plug seal sealing material, not only the amount of savings, but also can eliminate the general elastic material due to excessive compression caused by the characteristics of elastic fatigue, the waterproof effect is more reliable.


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