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What are the characteristics of Larson steel sheet piles?

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Larson steel sheet pile is a well known and famous construction material in civil engineering field. The application of soil retaining structure under various conditions has been proved and confirmed by its application fields and advantages. Through the western countries, some famous engineers in Bremen developed and made the world's first U type cross section steel sheet pile with convex convex interlock, that is, Larson steel sheet pile.

Piling machine and vibration hammer steel plate pile into a continuous underground wall, as deep excavation retaining, temporary water retaining structure. The steel sheet pile structure has the advantages of light weight, high strength, close locking, good water tightness, convenient construction and fast construction speed. In recent years, with the rapid development of economic construction and urban construction, Larson steel sheet pile specification has been widely used as the retaining structure in civil, municipal, bridge and industrial construction projects. Larson steel sheet piles are supported by cantilever type, anchor type and support type. In this paper, the application of braced Larsen steel sheet pile in deep foundation pit support in Shanghai area is discussed.

Three characteristics of urban road construction engineering:

1、construction work surface is narrow, construction site is difficult to completely closed traffic, pedestrians difficult to control.

2、Sheung Shui, electricity, heating, gas, communications, sewage pipes and other encountered water situation, we must take effective measures to plug, to prevent mud and sand discharge with water.

3、closer to the building, and some poor geological conditions, prone to landslides.

When the above problems are encountered, Analysis of Mechanics Principle of Larsen Steel Sheet Pile the construction of the steel sheet pile can be more convenient and the project can be carried out normally.


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