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What are the common solutions to the common problems during the construction of Larson steel sheet piles?

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Larson steel sheet pile is generally applicable to: loading dock, revetment, retaining wall, breakwater, embankment, shipyard, sluice, fishing, water wall, Luqiao revetment structure permanent engineering.

Or temporary support works such as foundation pit support, temporary revetment, pier water stop cofferdam, temporary construction of the island, etc..

In the construction process of steel sheet pile must pay attention to the details: when monitoring project beyond the control value, is the existence of steel sheet pile collapse or not enough to support the construction, must evacuate agile construction personnel and equipment in the pit (if time), in conjunction with the suspension of construction, supervision, design and construction unit related personnel to identify the reasons for the supporting scheme is modified to be reinforced and rear for subsequent construction.

There are some common emergency measures for steel sheet pile construction:

1、Larson steel sheet pile before construction steel, cement, ready enough sand reinforcement materials, as well as excavators, pumps and other things, to prepare for emergency use.

2、quick backfill or back pressure, ensure that the displacement value is no longer increased.

3、for the back solid.

4、the slope supporting structure of excavation unloading.

5、When the retaining structure is leaking water after collision, it should go into the water disposal in real time and backfill in situ when necessary.

6、when needed, Larson steel sheet piles accept deep mixing pile reinforcement, maybe cement grouting.


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