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What are the detailed steps Z-Larsen sheet piling has

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Larsen sheet piling due to its high strength, simple construction, durability and other characteristics, widely used in major building projects. For permanent works played a very important role, such as sheet piling construction of ports, can significantly improve efficiency. If you see a steel drainage edge on the pier, it is a sheet piling retaining wall. Unloading field, beware revetment, sheet piles are great role. In bridge engineering, can also play a role in retaining wall.
sheet piling construction steps
Here Shunli steel industry will come and we talk about what the detailed steps Z-Larsen sheet piling there?
The first step: I want to check to make sure the sheet piling before construction to comply with the construction specifications.
Step Two: In the construction process never digging, pouring concrete or transporting process removed the support. Because support is heavy and can not put weight on it.
Step 3: wire protection measure, should be based on excavation, trench width requirements designed to measure the position of the line backing sheet piles, use the flag marked its position.
Step 4: Test on sheet piling, and the look is not the same as the standard of its surface, if the appearance of the sheet piling has some corrosion, it is necessary to measure the cross-sectional thickness, as well as on steel chemical composition and mechanical properties of the pile to be checked, including analysis of its chemical composition, tensile member, bending test, each specification sheet pile should be carried out a tensile test.
sheet piling choice is not gravity large depression, stacking time to pay attention, it is necessary to take the direction of the building considered stacking position in the future, sheet piling, to establish a different location inches to the different brands, shoot sheet piling construction security and layered sheet piling shovel project, the relationship between the project is the most important step and the sheet piling time, therefore, the number of each pile in front of the user can not be piled up to 5 or more, steel piles, sheet piles in addition to those of low quality, and check one by one. When the pile, sheet piling lock, preferably, for convenience, to drive sheet piles, it has been coated with some oil. In the foundation trench excavation process, if there is a lump, immediately pull vibration pile hammer, pull the mountain time, run, eventually being put forward to support their position, and observe the changes in sheet piling after pile good pull tension is left empty, overlapping to ensure that it's time to follow the time, it is possible to fill the empty sand pile.


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