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What are the domestic Larsen sheet piling manufacturers?

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Static pressure method and water jet static static pile driver in the cohesive soil performance is the best, encountered non-cohesive soil when the use of water injection assistance measures can still achieve better: effect. This method requires water supply equipment and water treatment equipment, screen-type sheet piling generally can not use water measures.

What are the domestic Larsen sheet piling manufacturers

   Low-pressure jet low-pressure jet is mainly used for viscous hammer piles in cohesive soils, as well as hard clay with the Japanese static pile driver pile with vibration pile driver with low pressure jet can make the pile after the mouth is often dense soil: Words, soil characteristics only slightly changed. However, special attention should be paid to the use of vertical load of steel sheet pile For more information, refer to the ArcelorMittal company published "jet assist measures."

   High pressure jet high pressure jet can be used for very dense soil layer and the use of Japanese static pile driver pile encountered when the gravel layer. If the use of high-pressure water measures, then the amount of water should be used in line with the equipment, and water supply and drainage measures should be recognized by the customer and the authority of the high-pressure jet only in the engineer with the consent of the construction program is approved to be implemented.

   This method applies to all types of rocks that are currently considered to be difficult to reach or can not reach the depth of design penetration. Ordinary blasting technology to put explosives into the hole, covered with soil, and then detonated. Blasting can be generated along the plate pile V-groove or rock rock into different sizes of gravel gravel depends on the size of the amount of explosives, blasting technology, such as rock bedding and drilling spacing. Pre-blasting is more suitable for large and fragile rock types. Soft rock is usually not suitable for blasting technology.

   Although the blasting technology can blast the rock, crushing in the loose area is still very difficult to recommend the use of high-strength sheet piling, and the need for reinforcement at the end of the pile.

   In many cases it is necessary to perform multiple blasting locally, because if the rock is not completely blown up, the subsequent piling operation will not proceed. Therefore, the cost of this method may be high, it is difficult to estimate the cost and construction progress, and each project using the blasting methods are not the same as the proposed roof with the maximum support design, 2017 Larsen steel sheet pile how much money It is possible to reduce the depth ofsheet piling penetration into the rock.


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