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What are the functions and advantages of Larson steel sheet piles?

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As a new type of building material, Larson steel sheet pile is widely used. There are two types of cold-formed steel sheet pile and hot rolled steel sheet pile according to the production process. In the construction of engineering, cold-formed steel sheet piles are limited in their application, and most of them are used as supplementary materials. Hot rolled steel pile is the dominant product of engineering.

Larson steel sheet pile in long-term engineering construction, can be used to dock, unloading field, Levee Revetment, retaining wall, retaining wall, breakwater, embankment, shipyard, gate; in temporary buildings, can be used for closing, temporarily expanding bank, flow, bridge cofferdam, large pipeline laying temporary ditch excavation retaining soil, water blocking and blocking sand; in the flood, and can be used for flood control, anti collapse, anti sand etc..

Larson steel sheet pile specifications for cofferdam, not only green, environmental protection, and construction speed, construction costs low, has a good waterproof function.

According to the calculation, the current annual consumption of steel sheet pile to around 30 thousand tons, accounting for only 1% of the world, and only some port, dock, dock establishment of permanent engineering and Bridge cofferdam, foundation pit and other temporary works. And China's total iron and steel accounted for 1/3 of the world's total consumption is very similar.

The advantages of Larson steel sheet piles:

1、high quality (high strength, light, water resistant advantages);

2、construction brief, shorten the period of time, durability is superior, more than 50 years of life;

3、the establishment of low-cost, exchange of superior, can be repeated 58 times;

4、the application has obvious environmental protection results, many of which reduce the amount of soil and the amount of concrete used, and effectively safeguard the site capital;

5、the timeliness of disaster relief is stronger, such as flood control, landslides, subsidence, quicksand and so on;

6、deal with and deal with a series of problems in the process of excavation;

7、construction brief, shorten the construction period;

8、for construction requirements, it can reduce the space requirements.


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