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What are the geological requirements for constructing large steel storage and storage facilities?

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Steel sheet pile has many advantages, but it is only used in the construction of bridge cofferdam, dock construction and other projects in China. In the field of water conservancy project, wharf construction, steel sheet pile is relatively less. Steel sheet pile as a new type of environmental protection building steel has not yet been recognized by users. Many construction engineering units do not know much about the performance, use and advantages of steel sheet pile, and have not used it. In recent years, although steel sheet pile is often used in China, but the scope and amount of use are not so far, so it is necessary to strengthen the popularization and use of steel sheet pile in the actual engineering. So what are the geological requirements for building large steel plates and reservoirs? Wuxi Heng Yong construction experts tell you:

First, the geological requirements of building large steel plate storage

Quicksand geology, groundwater level less than 2m. Broken stone pile must be broken in order to build conventional warehouse. And the construction of large steel silos, using a special foundation, from the sand foundation stress can be seen, the edge foundation for the outer tangential, Kuhe increase, the quicksand centripetal flow, with the pressure increasing from moisture and air gap in quicksand, quicksand centripetal flow not only increased buoyancy, and the density is increased, the dynamic reaction play sand. The overall investment is only equivalent to the cost of conventional Jiancang 1/7, and the total storage capacity equivalent to 26 conventional warehouse. Wuxi Heng Yong construction in many years of measurement, found that in the river and the rainy season, but increased by 60mm, in the reservoir rise, because the bottom area of 1 acres, there is no tilt phenomenon.

Two, the production requirements and material consumption of the reservoir

The gravity of the large steel storehouse is completely accumulated on the ground. Besides the foundation treatment of the reservoir, the accumulated cement belongs to the equilibrium pressure. Besides the discharge channel and the tidal layer, the bottom of the reservoir needs no special treatment. The welding of the welding seam is overlap, and the reinforcement measures are not needed.What are the types of steel sheet piles The spherical top eliminates the shape of the steel tube and does not require special reinforcement.


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