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Home » News » Industry knowledge » What are the ground effects caused by the instability of steel sheet piles during construction?

What are the ground effects caused by the instability of steel sheet piles during construction?

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The steel sheet piles when you use the steel sheet pile works, be careful not to enter the empty pile with soil, lock the place, so as to facilitate common use to the ground usually easy construction projects have been coated with grease in the lock. In the process of piling during piling, our vertical sheet piles must always be kept in place for the inspection of the theodolite, along the front surface of the pile is consistent to promote the pile as the post, please do not keep the first two plates The orientation of the pile. If the steel sheet pile is buried deep enough, then, is not enough to support the rigid steel sheet pile, it will flow into the soil, leading to groundwater or underground ditch. This results in a vicious circle of soil behind the sheet pile deformation that can be affected in the following manner on the ground, a direct result of which is the instability of the steel sheet pile is too large.
1, the small surface settlement deformation value ≤ 50mm will affect the tank 1 to 1.5 times the depth of the range.
2, moderate from 50 to 100mm deflection subsidence value, will affect the range of more than 1.5 times the depth of excavation.
3, large deformation sinking value ≥ 100mm, the impact of the excavation depth than 2.5 times.
Shun force of steel to ensure better performance under the premise of the owners and the construction side of the significant savings in steel consumption, save a lot of money, HZ combination wall manufacturers and therefore major international projects in the repeated success of the tender, frequently successful. In the marine and inland river port construction, in the marine breakwater, deep foundation pit support, integrated pipe gallery, subway, bridges, tunnels and other fields, the force of steel sheet piles to show their talents, widely used!


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