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What are the precautions for piling of Larsen steel pile piles

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Shock hammer piling machine is generally used to modify the excavator itself is a very heavy machine, so it must be excellent operating technology to be able to operate, in addition to excellent technology, in the Larsen steel pile piling machine piling what Precautions are necessary to pay attention to it? Here we look at it together.

1、the operation of the pile driver should have professional guidance. Refers to the operator and the instructor must work before the communication, the operation should be closely with, so as to better work.

2、will be running before, should inform you in advance, indicating the presence of staff and the surrounding staff away from the scene.

3、pile driver and pile cap, pile cap and string (or pile) plane to be flat, the bolts should be tightened, and should be fixed at regular intervals to check whether there is loose, or other adverse reactions.

4、the pile driver should be started by the low speed file to speed up to high speed.

5、piling machine in the operation of the staff should always pay attention to control the current on the disk, the voltage of the instructions. If you find an abnormal situation, you should immediately stop the operation to view, find the fault point for maintenance.

6、on time and quantitative check the bearing temperature and the bearing cap screws are loose phenomenon, to strictly check the eccentric iron connection screw loose, to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

7、sink, the column (or pile) around the station is strictly prohibited.

8、piling machine with water, suction mud before sinking, and have the relevant personnel to contact, and at work to take care of each other.

9、all work in operation, the staff must wear a seat belt to ensure the safety of personnel.

Larsen steel sheet pile support

Here we come to introduce the Larsen steel sheet pile support construction considerations:

1、Larsen steel sheet pile for shallow depth of the support structure.

2、Larsen steel sheet pile for clay, sand, mud and other weak stratum.

3、Larsen steel pile pile pile construction of the pilot pile, the number of test piles is not less than 10.

4、Larsen steel sheet pile laying construction, pile head in place must be correct, vertical, piling process, at any time detection, found the problem, timely processing.

5、before the steel plate pile must be flat before the removal of underground, ground and high altitude obstacles, the need to retain the underground pipeline should be exposed and protected.

6、after the excavation of steel piles vertical and smooth, no serious distortion, tilt and splitting phenomenon, lock mouth tightly connected.

7、the foundation pit and structure during construction, the foundation pit and support system for dynamic observation. Find the problem, timely processing.


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