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What are the precautions for the construction and rescue of the piles of steel piles

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First of all, steel sheet pile construction process, in order to prevent accidents, comply with the rules of operation can not be ignored. Before the start, all kinds of equipment and equipment must be overhauled, commissioning, to ensure that the machine in a good, normal operation, and regular maintenance. Electrical appliances must be installed and repaired by full-time electrician、set signs.


Second, the steel sheet pile construction process, access to all types of electrical and other devices are not free to install, especially for the steel sheet pile construction operations, it is not a trace of sloppy, in order to ensure foolproof, any contact with the electrical Equipment need to add a protective cover, to prevent the risk of bruises!


In addition, the steel sheet pile construction staff also need to be familiar with the work of the safety point of attention, stick to the post, is strictly prohibited construction workers drink to work and work drink. Special types of personnel such as electricians, welders and other construction personnel, must be specially trained, proficient in operating requirements, strict implementation of the safety of the operating procedures.


Finally, in addition to the above, the steel sheet pile in the plug when the need for a certain degree of security protection, we need to steel plate construction platform for some inspection, in the steel sheet pile construction process of steel sheet stability should be strengthened, In case of insecurity, remedial action should be taken immediately.

Treatment of dangerous situation in steel sheet pile construction

Here we come to introduce if the steel plate in the construction of instability or other dangerous how to do?

    1、steel sheet pile before the construction of steel, cement, enough sand bags and other reinforcement information, as well as excavators, pumps and other things to prepare for emergency use.

    2、steel sheet pile instability, rapid backfill steel sheet pile construction site or back pressure, guaranteed value does not increase.

    3、steel sheet pile displacement, then the steel sheet pile back solid.

    4、slope top support after excavation unloading steel sheet pile.

    5、when the steel sheet pile support structure, due to the collision after the leakage of water, should be real-time into the water treatment, when necessary in situ backfill.

    6、when needed, the steel sheet pile to accept the deep mixing pile reinforcement may be cement grouting.


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