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What are the precautions for the loose Larsen steel sheet piles

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Larsen steel sheet pile is widely used in the construction of shipyard wharf, tunnel excavation, sinking of the railway, the retention of groundwater, river bank seawater slope and reinforcement, water building anti-erosion, bridge engineering bridge foundation culvert foundation Excavation protection, retaining walls and other construction projects. In the process of construction of Larsen steel sheet pile, we will pay full attention to the construction of Larsen steel sheet pile, but many people do not pay attention to idle Larsen steel sheet pile maintenance matters. Today we have to work with the engineers of the Panorama Lincoln steel sheet pile to find out what precautions about the loose Larsen sheet pile piles?

Replacement of loose Larsen steel sheet piles

    Larsen steel sheet pile construction is completed, will pull out the Larsen steel sheet pile back to the warehouse, piled up for the next use to prepare, this time involved in the idle Larsen steel sheet piling up the problem, the following together to see it.

1, Larsen steel sheet pile location selection

    To choose a flat and strong site that will not be deformed due to heavy loads, taking into account the convenience of the next transport to the next basic construction site.

2, Larsen sheet pile pile in the order

    Larsen sheet pile pile to take full account of the Larsen steel pile pile stacking order, location, direction and layout, etc., but also for the next loading and transportation convenience and early consideration.

3, Larsen steel sheet pile by model

    Stacking Larsen steel sheet pile should be in accordance with the Larsen steel sheet pile models, specifications, length were stacked, different models to be separated, easy to identify, it is best to set up signs in the stack to prevent the transmission Larsen steel sheet pile model error.

4, Larsen steel plate should be layered stacking

    Stacking Larsen steel plate should be layered, the number of stacked on each layer is generally not more than 5, the layers to be placed on the pillow, paddle spacing reasonable specification, the upper and lower pad should be in the same vertical line, the total height of the stack should not exceed 2m.


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