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What are the problems and how to deal with the piling of steel piles?

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What are the problems and how to deal with the piling of steel piles?

Larsen steel sheet pile construction can not be separated from the steel pile pile driver, steel pile pile only into the pile driver into the effective depth to play the greatest role of Larsen steel sheet pile, so that steel pile pile driver in Larsen steel sheet pile Construction is very important Role, then the following we and the road road pile of engineers together to analyze the steel pile piling machine prone to problems and treatment methods.

What are the problems and how to deal with the piling of steel piles

1、steel sheet pile top broken, broken pile

Which is not high, vibrating is not dense, pile roof uneven, protective layer is too thick, hammer and pile is not vertical, falling hammer is too high, when the stone or hard soil, hammering Too Long

Treatment methods: to determine the actual situation, strict control of the quality of prefabricated piles at the same time, to strengthen the management of machinery, pile hammer and pile cap, pile cap and pile head should be between the thickness of not less than 25cm In order to avoid the interruption of the pile, the order of piling should be strictly controlled, according to the requirements of the specific piling sequence should follow the following principles: from the central to both sides; from the middle to the surrounding Deep in the shallow, the first big after the small, long after the short and so on. In general, engineering quality problems often from a a process of a detail, so the quality control should be specific to the Details of each process

2、steel sheet pile body torsion or displacement

Reason: steel pile pile pile is not correct, pile tip asymmetry, pile around the soil is disturbed, while hard, while soft and so on.

Treatment: Strict control of the vertical deviation of the inserted pile is to avoid the key to the displacement or tilt of the pile, the specific practice is usual controlled by two theodolite double-sided, the will shall not be greater than 0.5%, the Hammer before the hammer should try to low A certain depth can be normal after the hammer hit

3、steel piles do not go in.

Reason: part of the geological comparison of sticky or hard, pile driver power is too small, resulting in steel pile can not be buried.

Treatment: If the geological is relative sticky or hard, you can use the mechanical hole, the soil loose, or take out part of the break, of course, this also has a certain risk, when the pile will be a difficult The pile driver power is too small, you can replace the pile driver. Generally more rigidiences needs 90-120 vibration hammer, if the pile driver can use 450-600 of the machine.


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