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What are the problems encountered in the construction of steel sheet piles in China?

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Steel sheet piles are used abroad for many years and are used extensively and are used by government in many constructions because the use of steel sheet piles construction not only cushion construction safety but also reduces the break to the surrounding environment. Use of steel sheet pile is much worse, that is, now, the application of steel sheet pile are not too much. Then the steel sheet pile construction in the domestic problems encountered? Here we look together.

Steel sheet pile construction in the domestic experiences encountered

1, the price of steel sheet pile is more expensive, so for those contractors, to reduce the profitability, so they would not use steel sheet pile construction, of course, this is limited to steel sheet pile project is not possible to complete the Project, but also use the steel piles, at least to reduce the construction time of the project, but also increased the safety of the project. These are realities. Piles for profit

2, people understand the steel sheet pile is fully comprehensive, China's annual production of steel a lot, but the amount of steel plate is really small consumption, less than 0.03% of the world. It can be seen that we use steel sheet pile is Very few people, that is, those large, or the process of the country in the use of steel sheet piles. Due to the domestic technical constraints, for some of the more quality Larsen steel sheet pile, China still has no ability to self- Processing, for some Larsen Larsen steel sheet pile, China's own steel sheet pile quality also has some patch, so also Causing people to be skeptical of their attitude.

3, because of the inertia of people thinking, for those products still do not understand, they still use our engineering on the traditional method of the most. All of which make the widespread use of steel piles in the country have been hindered to know that Only after people understand it, believe that this product will be used to use it, so that steel piles will be in the domestic market is widely usage of.

For the Larsen steel piles, some of us know not too much, but if you are engaged in engineering people, then you will be very understanding of the Larsen steel sheet pile. Because the steel sheet pile is the necessary building materials, especially in recent years , But also increased the safety of the project, which is the most people want to see, so from here we can see that there is not the result of steel sheet pile construction Where the there is no Larsen steel sheet pile, then the progress of the project to slow down a lot.


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