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What are the pull-in techniques for the Larsen steel sheet piles?

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Larsen steel sheet pile light weight, good water barrier, simple construction, short duration, low construction costs, good durability, good interchangeability, can be reused many times. It is with these advantages. Larsen steel sheet pile is widely used in engineering construction, for example, for flood control, landslide, collapse, quicksand and other natural disaster relief and rescue safety, timeliness strong, and not subject to weather conditions The Have a significant environmental effect, a substantial reduction in the amount of soil and the use of concrete, effectively protect the land resources. Can simplify the complexity of inspection materials and system materials, post-maintenance is simple. Then in the Larsen steel sheet pile construction work finished, it is necessary to involve the pull pile, and that Larsen steel pile pile piles of skills which?

Larsen steel sheet pile construction work includes leak detection, and Larsen steel sheet pile pile two parts.

Leak detection is still relatively simple, as long as the attention of Larsen steel sheet pile dynamics, as well as changes in external conditions on the impact of Larsen steel sheet pile on it. For example, water-resistant steel sheet pile to pay attention to water, the height of the waves, the impact of steel sheet pile in time to prevent work.


And Larsen steel sheet pile piles will have to pay attention to some skills, and pull the starting point according to the situation when the pile to determine the general pull pile starting point is to leave the corner pile 5 or more, pull the pile in the order of piling with the opposite, you can also use the way The Pull the pile, you can first use the vibration hammer plate poke lock live to reduce the soil adhesion, and then side vibration side pull. For the more difficult to remove the sheet pile can be the first vibration of the pile vibration 100-300mm, the use of intermittent vibration method, each vibration 15min, vibration hammer continuous no more than 1.5h, and then vibrating hammer alternately rapping, vibration pull. The pile after the pile back in time.


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