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What are the requirements for the construction of steel sheet piles for steel sheet pile cofferdam

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The cargo shipping terminal should be the largest place where the Larsen steel sheet pile is used. The vertical flatness deviation of the steel sheet pile is controlled at 15 mm (about 0.06% L) at each tire frame of the use of the steel plate in the same vertical plane, , The overall stiffness of the steel sheet pile and the penetrating ability of the pile tip and the anti-hammering ability of the pile top partially enhance the anti-longitudinal bending ability and improve the asymmetric cross-section characteristic to reduce the pile displacement.

What are the requirements for piling of steel sheet piles for steel piles?

1、steel pile pile piling principle: the pile tip design elevation as a control standard;

2、steel pile pile piling control line: steel sheet pile design front axis (from the pier front line 65cm) as the standard;

3、positioning pile deviation: plane position control: vertical and horizontal position deviation of less than or equal to 20mm; vertical control: vertical axis direction is not allowed to the front of the pier outward;

4、steel pile piling process control: guide frame with 400 * 400 I-made steel into a door-type double-sided guide, insert the use of oblique interpolation method;

5、the lock should be coated with lubricating oil to reduce the pile resistance.


Pier steel sheet pile cofferdam with steel sheet pile is the key, steel sheet pile need to pass through the clay or silty clay, and into the coarse sand layer or silty clay, clay layer, it is recommended to do the only hammer construction.


Steel sheet pile cofferdam has many advantages, it is not only green and the construction speed is very fast at the same time construction cost is very low, and it has a good waterproof effect. Larsen steel sheet pile is a new type of building materials, mainly used in the construction of bridge cofferdam large pipeline laying, temporary ditch retaining water block, etc., can also act as dock and unloading yard and other places of the wall retaining wall and Embankment protection shore, etc., in these projects on the Larsen steel sheet pile plays a big role. Under normal circumstances, in the construction, the application of cold-formed steel sheet pile is relatively narrow, usually as a supplementary material to use. For the cold-formed steel sheet pile, in the choice of time according to the actual situation to choose the most economical and reasonable interface to achieve the best design of engineering design.

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