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What are the requirements for the height of the steel sheet pile

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There are two cases of steel sheet pile cofferdam, one is for the water cut cofferdam, one is used for retaining cofferdam. We all know that steel piles can be used for flood control, anti-debris flow, etc., steel sheet pile water canal is often used, then you understand the steel sheet pile waterstuff cofferdam construction on the height of what? And look at the following description.

The height of the cofferdam of the steel sheet pile must be higher than the maximum water level that may occur during construction, including the height of the wave, at least 0.5-0.7 meters above it. The shape of the steel-plate pile-water-forcing cofferdam must take into account the depth of the water and the velocity of the water flow and the erosion of the steel sheet pile. For the channel, the diversion, the flexible choice of circular, rounded, rectangular, triangular rectangle Appearance. If the water flow on the steel sheet pile erosion intensity is relatively large, should be set anti-erosion facilities.

The safety work of steel plate pile water - stopping cofferdam must be put in the first place and prevention should be the main. The construction workers need to strengthen the safety of ideological education, construction workers must hold the relevant documents on duty, without training, and no relevant documents can not participate in the work.


The construction of the steel plate pile water-tight cofferdam must ensure that the elevated cableway has sufficient capacity to withstand the capacity of the lifting capacity in order to ensure the safety of the elevated ropeway. Piling machine main frame easy to attract the wind, need to use wave rope fixed, otherwise the pile frame rocking will lead to serious safety accidents. When the staff in the piling machine and the water guide ring, must be required to wear a seat belt, and wear helmets.


After the construction of the steel sheet pile, the need for special technical personnel to carry out routine inspection and maintenance work, the use of cableway when there must be professionals in the next command, to avoid many people miscellaneous, and security risks.

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