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What are the safety precautions for the construction of steel sheet pile piling machines

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Larsen steel sheet pile construction is related to the first steel pile pile driver construction, only to do a good job of steel pile piling machine construction safety to open a good head, the following we and the road Larsen steel sheet pile of Wuhan company engineers to see the steel plate What are the safety precautions for pile piling machine construction?

Safety Precautions for Construction of Steel Sheet Pile Driver

1、the use of steel piles pile driver motor, internal combustion engine, hoist, hydraulic devices and other use should be in accordance with the corresponding device safety technology to meet the requirements of operation.

2、steel pile pile driver type should be based on the type of pile, pile length, pile diameter, geological conditions, construction technology and other comprehensive consideration of choice. Piling operations, should be by the construction of technical personnel to the crew to carry out safety technology.

3、the construction site should be based on the foundation capacity of not less than 83kPa requirements for leveling compaction. In the pit and cofferdam piling, should be equipped with adequate drainage equipment.

4、steel pile piling machine operating area should be no high voltage lines. The work area should be clearly marked or fenced, non-staff members shall not enter. Pile hammer in the process of playing, the operator must be 5 meters away from the center of the pile hammer to monitor.

5、the crew for the inspection or maintenance, must wear seat belts; tools and other objects should be placed in the toolkit, high-altitude personnel shall not be free parabolic down.

6、the water to play steel sheet pile, should choose the displacement of more than four times the weight of the pile machine more than 4 times the operating boat or a solid row of shelves, steel pile piling machine and the hull or shelf should be reliable and fixed, and take effective anchorage measures. When the piling boat or the deflector is more than 3 ', the operation should be stopped.

7、the installation, the pile should be transported to the column in front of 2m or less, and shall not be inclined. Pile, should be tied in the pile rope, not with the pile hammer or rack collision.

8、is strictly prohibited hanging piling, hanging hammer, rotation or walking and other actions at the same time. Piling machine in the case of hanging piles and hammer, the operator shall not leave the post.

9、steel sheet pile piling, the pile should be corrected the vertical degree. When the pile is over 3m, it is strictly forbidden to use the pile driver to walk or turn the action to correct the inclination of the pile.

10、steel sheet pile pile, shall not exceed the pile crane capacity; starting load should meet the following requirements:

    (1), steel sheet pile driver for the electric hoist, the pull load shall not exceed the motor full load current;

    (2), steel pile piling machine hoist to internal combustion engine as a driving force, pull the pile found that the engine significantly reduced speed, should immediately stop pulling;

    (3), the depth of each meter from the pile to take the load can be calculated by 40kN.

11、winch wire rope should always be lubricated, not dry friction. The use of wire rope and scrapped See lifting crane mechanical safety to the end of the relevant provisions; operation, when the downtime is longer, the pile hammer should be a good pad down. Do not suspend pile hammers during maintenance.

12、in case of thunderstorms, fog and six or more winds and other adverse weather, should stop all operations. When the wind is more than seven or there is a storm warning, the pile driver should be downwind, and the cable rope should be added, or the pile post will be dumped on the ground. Column length of 27m and above, should be tipped down in advance.

13、steel pile piling machine operation, the steel pile pile driver should be parked in a solid flat on the ground, the pile hammer down the pad is real, and cut off the power supply.


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