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What are the specifications and common uses of Larson steel sheet piles?

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According to the shape and application of steel sheet pile cross section, it can be divided into three kinds: shape U, Z shape and W shape. The steel sheet pile is divided into light and common cold-formed steel sheet piles according to the wall thickness. Wall thickness 4 ~ 7mm is light steel sheet pile, the wall thickness is from 8 to 12mm for ordinary steel sheet pile, and most of the Asian region including China use the U type of occluding Larsen steel sheet pile.

Larson steel sheet pile application:

The use of steel sheet pile is very wide, in the permanent structure, can be used for wharf, unloading field, Levee Revetment, retaining wall, retaining wall, breakwater, embankment, dock gate, etc.; in temporary structures, can be used for temporary expansion of bank, flow, bridge steel cofferdam, large pipeline laying temporary ditches excavation retaining, retaining water, sand and so on; in the flood, and can be used for flood control, anti collapse, anti sand etc.. The products are widely used in subway stations, tunnels, bridges, cofferdam revetment, municipal engineering, civil engineering, deep foundation trench, pipeline, basement retaining, water retaining excavation enclosure, play an important role in the project.

Compared with hot rolled steel sheet pile, cold-formed steel sheet pile has many advantages, such as light weight, good elasticity, high strength, low cost, quick delivery and small amount.


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