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What are the technical requirements for steel sheet piles?

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Construction of steel sheet pile According to the characteristics of the site of the project site, combined with the characteristics of steel sheet pile, construction methods and other aspects to consider, the choice of Larsen Ⅳ, Ⅵ steel plate pile width is moderate, bending performance, according to geological data and operating conditions decided to use steel sheet length , The specific selection of steel sheet pile see "special knowledge of the foundation pit protection." On the steel sheet pile, generally have material inspection and appearance inspection, unqualified steel sheet pile is strictly prohibited. In the construction of steel sheet pile, in order to ensure the correct position of the pile axis and pile vertical, control pile into the precision, to prevent the deformation of the sheet pile and improve the penetration of the pile capacity, generally need to set a certain stiffness, Of the guide frame, also known as "construction purlin." Then the steel sheet pile construction need to pay attention to what matters and technical specifications? Wuxi Hengyong experts tell you:

In the construction site, we must do a "three links and one leveling." And according to the scene, the conditions of the first concrete floor to facilitate the construction of concrete bedding. The site should be set around the drainage ditch, set wells, pile hole in the extraction of water, after precipitation and meet the environmental requirements before discharged into the sewer. Construction site of the excavation route should be smooth. According to the construction drawings accurate line, release the pile center line and pile diameter, and carefully carry out technical review, the relevant departments for visa procedures, in order to excavate the pile earth. Before digging the pile, take the center of the pile to the four sides of the pile to draw four pile control points, with a solid stakes.

Before the construction of the steel sheet pile, the technical person in charge and the construction workers of the construction site should check the construction preparation by the hole, carry out the technical safety and the safety education step by step, and make the safety and technical management be implemented in the thought, organization and measures. Personnel responsible for the pile number, do a good job of the pile center vertical axis, axis, pile diameter, pile length and bedrock soil record; reinforced cage and pile concrete and other hidden acceptance records, and finishing The relevant units sent to the technical department archive. The height of the wall section of the wall is depending on the soil condition, generally 50 ~ 100cm. Construction workers must be familiar with the excavation of the geological conditions, and to check, pay attention to changes in the soil, when encountered flow sand, a lot of groundwater and other effects of excavation safety, to immediately take effective protective measures before they can continue to dig deep.

Process flow measurement line → excavation pile hole → support wall template → cast wall concrete → removal of the template (the above four process cycles until the design depth) → installation of steel cage → pouring pile concrete.

The first section of the hole in the hole should be 100 ~ 150mm, and should be higher than the surface of the ground 200 ~ 250mm or according to the design requirements, the length of the lap between the upper and lower wall shall not be less than 50mm. In order to ensure the integrity of the wall concrete, depending on the wall conditions. Need to use φ8 steel bar evenly arranged for drawing reinforcement, so as not to sink out of sinking, such as the design of a large wall map, should be designed according to design requirements.

When wiping the wall concrete, use the knocking template and the bamboo bar and the stick to insert the method. Do not pour concrete in the case where the pile hole submerges the template. According to soil conditions, try to use quick-setting agent, as soon as possible to achieve the design strength requirements. Found that the wall has a honeycomb, water leakage, in a timely manner to be blocked or diversion, to prevent the hole outside the water through the wall into the hole to ensure the strength and safety of the wall insulation. Each section of the template installation, should be set up a strict check center location and wall thickness, the cross can be used to mark the axis of the cross, in the cross-center suspension of the ball, check the template position to ensure vertical. Meet the requirements, the wooden wedge can be used to support the template in the soil, stable position, to prevent the deformation of concrete when the concrete displacement. On-site production of steel cage, should implement the relevant regulatory requirements.

Wall concrete split within the mold, according to the temperature and other circumstances, generally in 24h (hours) after the concrete to have a certain strength to be able to block soil. When the first section of the wall concrete demolding, that is, the axis of the location of the calibration on the wall, and with the level of the relative level of elevation marked in the first ring wall, as the control pile hole position and vertical and determine the depth of the pile and pile The basis of the elevation. the rainy season struck the construction of Larsen pile rainy season Calibration of the axis position and the relative horizontal elevation should always be checked for re-inspection.

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