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What does a tie rod do?

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The tie rod is a kind of structure which is used to pre tighten the rotor. The structure of the tie rod, the selection of the pre tightening force and the arrangement of the shoulder will have a great impact on the overall dynamic characteristics of the rotor. The utility model relates to a rigid rod, which comprises a plurality of rod bodies, a connecting sleeve or an adjusting sleeve connecting the adjacent rod bodies, and a deviation correcting device arranged on the tie rod body.


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What is a tie rod?

Structural features of tie rods

What is the specific function of the tie rod?


What is a tie rod?

Tie rod is a kind of structure on building materials, and many building structures or materials will be built into tie rod type. Such as single-layer cylindrical reticulated shell, diffraction grating engraving machine, etc.

The straight pole is the most basic pole supporting the line in the whole line. In the straight line without turning, the tension pole is used at the end of the line or the turning place, and will be used in the middle of a long straight line.

 tie rod

Structural features of tie rods

The so-called member refers to the member whose longitudinal (length direction) dimension is much larger than transverse (perpendicular to length direction). Beams, columns and other components in buildings are generally abstracted as members.

The shape and size of a bar can be described by two main geometric elements, the cross section and the axis of the bar. The cross section refers to the section perpendicular to the length of the tie rod, and the axis is the line connecting the center of each cross section.

The cross section is perpendicular to the axis of the tie rod. A bar with a straight axis and the same cross section is called a straight bar with equal cross section. The construction mechanics and material mechanics mainly study the equal section straight bar. A member whose cross section changes along its axis is called a variable section member.


The commonly used custom-made tubes for tie rod are aluminum tube and iron tube. The bearing capacity of aluminum tube is not high, and the price is expensive, and the cost performance is low. Today's iron tube material is not inferior to that of aluminum tube. Only adding a layer of paint on the customized surface of pull rod and adopting electrophoretic spray painting treatment, the iron tube can prevent rust and corrosion as aluminum tube, and the iron tube has high load capacity, is not easy to deform, and the cost is lower than aluminum tube, so Now there are more and more tie rods for iron pipes.


What is the specific function of the tie rod?

The shore crane with shock absorption function is composed of a cross beam, a bracket fixedly supported under the cross beam, a vertical beam fixedly connected to the top of the bracket and a tie rod.


Both ends of the tie rods are hinged to the top of the vertical beam and the cross beam to support the cross beam. The tie rod is divided into several parts, and the damping component is arranged between two adjacent parts of the tie rod. The damping component includes a connecting plate, the connecting plate is fixedly connected with one end of two adjacent tie rods, and an elastic component is arranged between the connecting plates, and the elastic component includes a tie rod fixedly connected with the connecting piece.


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