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What is SSAW Pipe Piles?


Deep foundations are utilised when the soils in the shallow region do not have the strength to support the loads from the structure. SSAW pipe piles are frequently used in deep foundations and transfer the loads from building to stronger soil layers found deep underground.


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The meaning of SSAW pipe pile

What is the main purpose of installing SSAW pipe piles?

Planning and construction of SSAW pipe pile projects at home and abroad


The meaning of SSAW pipe pile

The SSAW pipe piles can be driven with open or closed ends, with points or plates. If driven with plates, the SSAW pipe piles can then be filled with rebar and concrete to boost the strength to the pile.

SSAW pipe piles range in size from several millimetres to several metres in diameter and can be easily spliced to create piles over 100 metres in length.SSAW pipe piles are formed in a spiral and welded both inside and outside continuously. SSAW pipe piles are typically used as King Piles for Combination Walls.

 SSAW pipe piles

What is the main purpose of installing SSAW pipe piles?

SSAW pipe piles is used universally as steel piles. It can be used for foundation piling for buildings, harbour construction including wharves, jetties, as well as bridges and water pipes.Each SSAW pipe pile can be fitted with internal shear rings, stiffening bands, driving shoes, splice welding and end facing.

A protective coating (internal and external) of UHB epoxy, MDPE, Zn powder spray, galvanizing, etc. can be applied to the SSAW pipe piles at request.All SSAW pipe piles are manufactured to International specifications, such as, ASTM/API/JIS with minimum yield strength of 350MPa.


Main uses, SSAW pipe pilese for sewage treatment, SSAW pipe piles for water purification, SSAW pipe piles for water plant, SSAW pipe piles for power plant chemical enterprise, SSAW pipe piles for nuclear power, SSAW pipe piles for conveying combustible fluid, SSAW pipe piles for conveying non-combustible fluid, SSAW pipe piles of national standard, SSAW pipe piles of petroleum ministry standard SY/T5037. The product is made of hot rolled steel strip as raw material, spiral formed at regular temperature and welded by automatic submerged arc welding process, mainly used in oil and gas industry to transport combustible and non-combustible fluids and steel structures.


Planning and construction of SSAW pipe pile projects at home and abroad

With the planning and construction of many large-scale SSAW pipe piles projects at home and abroad, the pipeline steel has large deformation, high-strength hot bending and low-temperature pipe fittings and other thick specifications and high value-added products, showing good market competitiveness and a larger market demand.


In order to develop high-value-added large-deformation pipeline steel, hot-bending steel, and low-temperature pipeline stations for industrial applications as soon as possible, domestic enterprises have made relatively slow progress in developing this series of products.


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