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What is Sheet Pile Combi Wall ?

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Sheet pile combi wall, or in other words, it is called as combined wall. Normally the combi wall is a combination of steel sheet piles and H piles or tubular pipe piles.
Sheet pile combi wall is providing a very high section performance which has been widely used in harbor / port constructions and shipyard constructions where there is a requirement of long piles and high section modulus sheet pile retaining walls.
The steel sheet piles in combi walls could be Z sheet piles, U sheet piles and even Omega sheet piles, but Z sheet pile is the most traditional section that has been used in combi wall systems.
The regular designs for combi wall systems are HZ combi wall and OZ combi wall.
An HZ combi wall system consists of steel H piles that withstand most of the loading and  a pair of intermediary Z sheet piles in between, which transmit pressure loads to the H piles. The H Pile is fabricated or assembled H pile of which the dimensions could be customized by the client. The key accessory for the steel H pile is the flat pile, which would be welded to the H piles like a “hat”, with interlocks at both side, acting as the interlocking system for the H pile.
An OZ combi wall system consists of steel tubular pipe pile and Z sheet pile. Interlocks would be welded to both side of the steel piles, forming the interlocking system to connect the pipe piles with the Z sheet piles.
Shunli Steel Group is offering various combinations of sheet piles to fulfill the requirements of worldwide projects. H piles and Tubular Pipe Piles with Hot-rolled C9 clutch / interlock are also available here in Shunli.


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