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What is grid - shaped sheet piling cofferdam

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sheet piling pile cofferdam is composed of straight sheet piling composed of various shapes of gravity retaining structure. sheet piling through the lock port connection to form a closed grid body internal backfill cohesionless soil. In order to ensure the continuity of the sheet pile Wall, the adjacent circular lattice is connected with the connecting pile and the short arc.
sheet piling
If the geological conditions of the proposed site are good, then only a small depth of soil can be maintained to maintain the stability of sheet piling in the grid backfill before the sheet piling to have a certain depth of embedded resistance to lateral load.
Grid cofferdams are mostly used in deep water, such as dockyards or breakwaters. In addition, the locking port can be rotated within a certain range to form a grid of different diameter grid cofferdam, the sheet piling Does not produce bending moment, which can As the straight-web-type sheet piling bending performance is poor, and therefore does not apply to the linear sheet pile wall structure In addition, lattice cofferdam does not require purlin and drawbars.
Domestic norms "grid plate piles wharf design and construction" on the grid plate piles terminal structure, the calculation of sheet piling prices, construction, etc. are clearly defined. Grid cofferdam design and construction of more complex, can contact the force of the Steel industry technology sector.


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