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What is omega sheet pile?


Omega sheet pile is generally a board with concave and convex groove tenon on both sides, or groove steel plate with lock on both sides, which is sunk into the soil in rows as a temporary wall for water and soil retaining.


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What is omega sheet pile?

What are the construction machines and tools for omega sheet pile?

Matters needing attention of omega sheet pile


What is omega sheet pile?

Omega sheet pile can be used in the construction of deep pits and underground pipelines, and the reinforced concrete omega sheet pile can also be used as a permanent retaining structure.

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Q235B, Q345B, S235, S240, SY295.s355, s430, S460,A690,ASTM A572等级50, ASTM A572级60.所有中国标准,EN标准,ASTM标准和其其他标准材料均可应要求提供。

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Omega sheet pile

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Products used in the construction of ports, shipyards, ports, bridges, cofferdams, etc.



What are the construction machines and tools for omega sheet pile?

1. Impact driving machine. There are free drop hammer, steam hammer, air hammer, hydraulic hammer, diesel hammer, etc.

2. Vibration hitting machine. This kind of machine can be used not only for pile driving but also for pile pulling, and the commonly used one is vibrating pile driving and pulling hammer.

3. Vibration impact piling machinery. This kind of machine is to set the impact mechanism between the body and the clamp of the vibratory pile driver, which can produce the impact force when the vibration machine vibrates up and down, so that the construction efficiency is greatly improved.

4. Static pressure machine. The omega sheet pile is pressed into the soil by static force, and the hydraulic pile driver and the steel cable winch are commonly used.

Omega sheet pile 

The smooth progress of omega sheet pile construction depends on the selection of construction machinery to a large extent. When selecting machinery, in addition to the soil conditions and operation capacity, the type (omega sheet pile, concrete sheet pile), quantity, size and shape of driving (pulling) sheet pile, especially the weight and length of omega sheet pile, should also be considered. These two factors are often the main factors, and the selected machinery should meet the requirements Noise, vibration and other pollution control requirements, combined with the site conditions, such as traffic conditions, terrain, scaffolding and so on.Considering the above conditions, the selected machinery is economical, safe and efficient.


Matters needing attention of omega sheet pile

(1) The concave and convex tenons of omega sheet pile shall be flat and smooth, and shall be assembled and numbered before driving.

(2) The initial length of precast reinforced concrete sheet pile (including steel sheet pile) should be 2-3m longer than other piles. Corner piles shall be set at corners. The pile tips of starting pile and corner pile shall be made into symmetrical shape.

(3) in omega sheet pile construction, guide rails shall be set along both sides of sheet pile, and the rails shall have sufficient strength and rigidity. Sheet piles shall be driven in accordance with the plan, and shall be inspected and corrected at any time.

(4) When driving sheet pile, it is better to use tenon and tenon to cover concave tenon.

(5) The omega sheet pile or corner pile driven at the beginning should be kept vertical, otherwise measures should be taken to deal with it.

(6) Before driving the steel sheet pile, the lock should be checked and coated with grease or other grease. J the steel sheet pile used for permanent engineering should be implemented according to the design requirements. The driving of steel sheet pile should be carried out in sections and steps, not in a single block. For semi closed or fully closed omega sheet pile, the number of blocks shall be calculated according to the specifications of omega sheet pile and the length of closure to facilitate closure.


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