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What is pipe piling used for?


What is pipe piling used for? In general, pipe piles are widely used in cases where the shallow soil is not strong enough to support the load of the new structure. Therefore, steel tubular piles are used to transfer heavy loads from buildings or structures to more solid rock or soil layers deeper underground. Pipe piles are usually used in soft soil or in structures such as Bridges, buildings or docks near lakes, rivers or ocean shores. Additionally, there are a number od methods and techniques that can be used when installling pipe piles in various situations. Piles can be cut and spliced toeach clients’ required length.



This article contains the following:

  • What is pipe piling

  • Primary uses for pipe piles 

  • Special situations requiring pipe piling


 1、What is pipe piling

Pipe piles are often used in deep foundations and transfering loads from buildings to more solid layers of soil deeper underground. Resistance to loads is through skin friction and point supporting. Points or plates can be used to drive the open-ended or closed-ended type of pipes. The design of the piles will vary according to ground conditions and support expectations, enabling the pile systems to accommodate any particular requirement. Because they are made of steel, they can withstand very heavy loads, and the right steel makes them almost impervious to environmental conditions. The different options also enable the customer to obtain the most efficient materials suitable for any pipe pile.

2、Primary uses for pipe piles 

Pipe piles are often used to create deep foundations for buildings, Bridges and other construction projects. It is recommended that steel tube cladding be used in all cases to strengthen the foundation and improve the structural support of the new building. Steel tubular piles transfer structural loads to rock formations deep underground or to stronger soil. This provides a solid foundation for large structures and even difficult built environment.

The main uese for pipe piles include to create foundations for: building construction,offshore construction, marine construction, dock construction, bridge construction, road ang highway construction, rail road transportation structure construction, structural support construction, column construction, tower construction ,oil field construction and many other construction fields.

3、Special situations requiring pipe piling

In many special construction cases, it is recommended to use the deep foundation of steel pipe pile on the shallow foundation. One such reason is when a building or structure is designed or heavily loaded. Pipe piles are also important when construction projects are to be carried out at shallow depths where there is very poor soil. Finally, site restrictions (such as property line restrictions) may also require the use of pipe piles. In any of these cases or any combination of these cases, the construction team may find it necessary to use steel pipe piles to create a solid foundation.


The introducyion of the ues of pipe piling is as described above, When conditions permit, pipe pile has become one of the best heavy-duty supports that the industry must provide. With appropriate expert guidance, customers can fully optimize these support systems for cost and security.High-quality materials, designers and pile drivers and works closely with clients at every step ensure they get good results from pipe piling.


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