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What is steel sheet pile


The steel sheet pile is a type of steel with a lock, and its cross-section has a straight plate shape, a groove shape and a Z shape, and has various sizes and interlocking forms. Common types are Larsonian and Lack Wanner. Its advantages are: high strength, easy to penetrate into hard soil; it can be constructed in deep water, and if necessary, it can be tilted to become a cage. Waterproof performance is good; cofferdams of various shapes can be composed as required, and can be reused many times, so it has a wide range of uses.

Sheet pile

The cold-formed steel sheet pile is formed by continuously cold-bending deformation of the steel strip to form a Z-shaped, U-shaped or other shape cross-section, which can be connected to each other through an interlock. Cold-formed steel sheet piles are widely used in civil engineering, such as deep foundation pit support for soft foundations and high groundwater levels. Its advantage is to simplify the construction process.



Cold-formed SLU Sheet Pile

Cold-formed SLU Sheet Piles are widely used in  South East Asia and Middle East.

Its advantages are shown as followed:

1. Its large cross-section width ensures that the  mechanical properties of the cross-section are fully  exerted.

2. Its cross-section structure is designed reasonably  and has a high "quality factor"

3. The use of steel sheet piles is not restricted by weather conditions

4. It has significant environmental protection effects, greatly reducing the amount of borrowed soil and the use of concrete, effectively protecting land resources.

图片1Cold-formed SLZ Sheet Pile

Cold-formed SLZ Sheet Piles are widely used in  Europe, North and South America.

Its advantages are shown as followed:

1.It is flexibly designed to have a high section  modulus and mass ratio.

2. It has a higher moment of inertia, which increases  the stiffness of the sheet pile wall and reduces  displacement and deformation.

3. Its large width effectively saves the time of hoisting and piling.

4. As the width of the section increases, the number of shrinkage of the sheet pile wall is reduced, so its water-stopping performance is directly improved.

It can be thickened in its severely corroded parts, so its corrosion resistance is more excellent.

Steel sheet piles are used in many fields (port and port structures, River revetments, retaining walls and cofferdams), and have gained high market recognition due to their excellent product quality and structural efficiency brought about by their use.

In these areas, a large number of rolling, sheet pile manufacturers and construction methods have been adopted, which have also won a high reputation for the company.

Based on the accumulation of technical expertise, we maximize the use of all available products to develop and propose market solutions.

We will continue to strive to develop new products that can give full play to the performance of steel sheet piles and meet more stringent and diverse user needs in the future.


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