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What is the classification of sheet piles?


sheet pile is a steel structure with a linkage at the edge that can be freely combined to form a continuous and tight retaining wall of earth or water. This article mainly introduces the classification of sheet piles.

Cold rolled Anchored Cofferdam U Type Sheet Pile

The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Wood sheet pile

  • Sheet piles

  • Reinforced concrete sheet piles



According to the different sheet pile materials , generally have the plank shape sheet pile, the steel sheet pile and the reinforced concrete sheet pile.


1. Wood sheet pile

(1) According to the pile section, pile length and soil quality of the foundation, can choose manual drop hammer or pile driver pile, wood sheet pile construction technology is: (1) insert after playing. All the wood sheet pile, the first about 1ml into the soil inserted firmly, and then take turns to each sheet pile pile each time into 1m ~ 2m, until all the sheet pile into the required depth;(2) block penetration. The single pile or pile group, first according to the different spacing position, then the single pile or pile group.

(2) Wooden sheet pile commonly used concave-convex square mortise, triangular mortise, half wood mortise or tri-plywood a few kinds of way join together. The top surface of sheet pile should be perpendicular to the vertical axis, and set with a pile top band or pile cap, there is still need to be pile boots in gravel soil. In containing gravel more in the soil layer should not use wood sheet pile. Wooden stakes are rarely used anymore.


2. Sheet piles

(1) Sheet piles have rectangular, slot and i-shaped forms.The locking port should be tested with the standard short steel plate of the same type, and 2 ~ 3 pieces are usually used to be spliced into group piles. A variety of pile drivers can be used, vibration pile driver is more suitable for playing, drawing steel sheet pile. Sheet pile is used in the gravel and pebble stratum, because the resistance of the lone stone is prone to skew, descaling or deflection, thus increasing the permeability, so it is necessary to take additional measures to prevent seepage. The height is 3m ~ 15m of sheet pile wall, often need to set a certain number of horizontal beam, with prestressed anchor cable or anchor rod to be tensioned.


3. Reinforced concrete sheet piles

(1) Reinforced concrete sheet piles is usually combined with rectangular section groove and tenon. The pile tip is made into three slopes for driving and compaction.This kind of reinforced concrete sheet pile groove and tenon can not achieve full length tight joint, because when the soil is driven, there are often small pieces of mud sand embedded in the slot, forcing the pile to gradually separate.Therefore, in practical work, the tenon can only be made up to a height of 1.5 ~ 2.0m in the upper part of the pile foot, and the rest of the notches leave a gap, so that the two sheet piles can be combined and disturbed to form a hole. The hole can be filled with cement slurry.Reinforced concrete slab pile construction is simple, the cost is relatively low, often at the end of the project is not pulled out, not because of the pile pull on the nearby buildings have an impact and harm, but the impact of piling on the nearby buildings must be fully considered.

I hope this article has helped you understand the classification of sheet piles, and if you need sheet piles, please contact us.


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