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What is the difference between AU type U steel sheet pile and PU type U type steel sheet pile

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Z-type steel sheet pile and AS-type steel sheet pile two kinds of steel sheet pile production, processing and installation are more complex, the price is more than 2 times the U-shaped steel sheet pile. Therefore, in the domestic U-shaped steel sheet pile in the country's most widely used, and U-shaped steel sheet pile can be divided into AU-type steel sheet pile and PU-type steel sheet pile. So what is the difference between AU type U-shaped steel sheet pile and PU type U-shaped steel sheet pile? Here we look together.

U-shaped steel sheet pile

According to the cross-sectional shape and use of steel sheet pile are divided into: U-shaped, Z-shaped, W-shaped three-shaped steel sheet pile, according to the wall thickness is divided into light and ordinary cold-formed steel sheet pile. Wall thickness of 4 ~ 7mm for the light steel sheet pile, wall thickness 8 ~ 12mm for ordinary steel sheet pile, including China, including the entire Asian region mostly use U-shaped snap-type Larsen steel sheet pile.


AU-type steel sheet pile production standards: width of 750mm, elastic cross-section resistance from 1,410 cm3 / m to 2,580 cm3 / m between the PU type is thinner, lighter, but also more solid, easy to soil Pull out the sheet pile.


PU-type steel sheet pile production standards: width of 600mm; elastic cross-section resistance from 600cm3 / m to 3 to 200cm3 / m between; re-use rate of 30 times, very thick, suitable for high salinity projects, durable.

U-shaped steel sheet pile advantages:

1、high quality (high strength, light, good water barrier)

2、the construction is simple, short duration, good durability, life of more than 50 years.

3、construction costs cheap, good interchangeability, can be reused 58 times.

4、the construction has a significant environmental effects, a substantial reduction in the amount of soil and the use of concrete, effectively protect the land resources.

5、disaster relief and the strong timeliness, such as flood control, landslides, collapse, quicksand and so on.


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