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What is the difference between Larsen steel cofferdam and ordinary cofferdam?

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China's urban construction and road and bridge construction in the rapid development, and in these construction projects in the steel sheet pile coffers played a significant role, especially the road and bridge construction. So many people want to ask Larsen steel cofferdam and ordinary cofferdam What is the difference? To find out the difference between the two, we must first understand the function of cofferdam.

Cofferdam refers to the construction of the foundation pit in the water, the use of steel piles or other materials to block the water around the foundation of the construction process. So the focus of the cofferdam is also retaining the dirt or dirt. Here we look at the role of Larsen steel sheet pile cofferdam and ordinary cofferdam in this regard.


 Larsen steel cofferdam is the use of Larsen steel sheet pile by root close to each other without leaving a gap, forming a closed whole, so you can water and sediment in the Larsen steel sheet pile around the space.


Ordinary cofferdam generally use channel or other materials, because these building materials can not be tightly bite, there will be gaps, so the effect of retaining the water or the file will be relatively poor. So the effect of retaining block sediment is the biggest difference between Larsen steel cofferdam and ordinary cofferdam.


It is precisely because the two are in this regard, we are doing cofferdam when the general use of Larsen steel plate pile instead of ordinary steel sheet pile, the use of Larsen steel sheet pile coffers and was known as Larsen steel Pile cofferdam.


Larsen steel sheet pile type IV, V type, VI type, the most common of which is type IV Larsen steel sheet pile. Domestic steel sheet pile is far less than the foreign so good, so in large cofferdam project is generally the use of foreign imports of Larsen steel sheet pile, and the need for the overall structure of the cofferdam design, usually using finite element analysis software To ensure that the cofferdam's overall structure is stable and that the inside of the cofferdam supports the entire cofferdam structure.

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