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What is the difference between combi wall and compound wall?


Combi walls can not only meet the requirements of strong strength and stability of building structure, but also play a good role in environmental protection, economy, green, sustainable development.  This article mainly introduces the difference between combi wall and compound wall. 

The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • The difference between combi wall and compound wall

  • The species of combi wall


1.The difference between combi wall and compound wall

(1) Combi wall is simply a wall consisting of several layers, each of which can be made of different materials. Combi wall system is a three-layer sandwich structure, the ground wall and the lining wall are not connected. The first floor -- ask the ground to connect the wall -- maintain the structure;The second layer -- waterproof layer -- waterproof isolation;In addition, combi wall embodies the integrity, not in the wall, but in the waterproof isolation layer, because the walls on both sides of the inside and outside are not closely connected, so the waterproof layer can be closely connected in the structure bottom plate, side wall and roof, forming a continuous waterproof closure. On the other hand, laminated walls are just the opposite. Two kinds of walls in a large range of steel reinforcement connection, bite into a tight whole, subway station construction, we often say that the two walls in one, in fact, refers to the superimposed wall system. 

(2) Combi difference between prefabricated wall and composite wall is different, scope of application, composite wall by precast insulation cladding, insulation board, precast outer leaves, middle cast-in-place floor, precast in leaf of multilayer structure, use commonly used in station, and combi wall plate with ordinary Portland cement, sand, coal and other compound and into, is widely used for partition wall, steel structure, bathroom, etc. 

(3) Combi wall board is a new generation of industrial production of high performance building internal partition, enough to plant building materials composite, instead of the traditional brick, with environmental protection, energy conservation and no pollution, light seismic, fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation, construction fast obvious advantages. 


2. The species of combi wall

(1) Internal insulation combi wall 

Insulation combi is usually the main wall inside wall body construction, mainly is the insulation compound in the main wall inside of the can, is very simple, and the applicable scope is widespread, the key is to meet the basic bearing under the premise of building, and can be appropriately thinning, flexibility is strong, the construction is generally require protective covering, or within the insulation installed gas to heat preservation, moisture. 

(2) External insulation combi wall

Combi exterior insulation wall body and internal insulation combi in wall body of different is that it is outside the main wall construction, also is the insulation compound in the main wall of the lateral, to achieve heat preservation, heat insulation, and protect the main structure, prolong the service life of the building, the elimination of the influence of thermal bridge, save energy and improve the advantages of the wall wet conditions, is very powerful for room temperature constant, decorate also avoids the damage to the insulating layer. 

Hope this article is helpful for you to understand the difference between combi wall and compound wall.  If you need combi walls, please contact us. 


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